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New volleyball league launched in Winnipeg

Photos by Alex Canlapan, Lente Photography 

The new V League Winnipeg held its opening ceremony at the RB Russell High School gymnasium on April 9, 2016.

League organizers say they are passionate about the game of volleyball and that they intend to adhere to the principles of camaraderie and sportsmanship. They envision volleyball to become one of the most highly competitive sports in Winnipeg’s Filipino community.

There are nine teams for women and seven teams for men.

The women’s teams are: V Warriors – Belina Remax; C21 Archangels; Coast to Coast; Lady Sparks – Daylight Electrical; Forever Flames – Munoz Silk Screen Printing; Javita; Touchwood Homes; Spartans Mitsubishi; and the Winnipeg Tigers.

The seven men’s teams are: Align Chiropractic; Barakos; Gloval Travel Packers; Let’s it Pancit; Richmond; Saladmaster; and the Winnipeg Tigers.

Games will be played every Friday at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate and Saturdays at RB Russell High School.