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2015 Philippine “Ryder Cup” Golf Tournament – September 19, 2015

by Felino de Jesus

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This year’s champions: Felino de Jesus (with trophy). Front (l-r): Randy Viray, Fred Ramos, Bong Dayao, Bert Obtial, Lito Ramilo. Back (l-r): Romy Alcantara, Joseph (Toy Kulot) Ramos, Noel Silva, Manny Arañes, Tony Villegas, Tony Bantados, Nigel Macatula, Philip Intac, Mario Alcantara

On Saturday, September 19, Winnipeg’s Filipino golfing community had its second annual golf tournament billed as the 2015 Philippine Ryder Cup Golf Tournament. Four groups of golfers shared camaraderie and fun in the competition: the Kambingan group headed by Romy Roque; the Philippine Bowlers Golf Association (PBGA) headed by Ric Cantalejo; the Philippine Amateurs Golf Association (PAGAM) lead by Rico Villarin; and the Batangas Amateur Golf Association (BAGA) lead by their captain Randy Viray. The BAGA team won the tournament again for the second year, taking home the organization’s own version of the famed Ryder Cup. BAGA’s opponents vow to unseat the reigning champions next year, so it seems the champions will have to work harder to defend their trophy next season.

For most players golf is a very exhilarating game, though it might not seem so to the casual television viewer.  Golf is a game of finesse, intelligence, strategy, accuracy, inner strength, and decisive but calm executions of shots. A mistake of a mere fraction of a degree or one sixteenth of an inch off target can ruin a shot, or worse, a whole tournament. This is also a game of etiquette, honesty and integrity.

For those who appreciate competition in the spirit of good sportsmanship and who enjoy golf and exercise, come and join us on the fairways of Winnipeg.

Felino de Jesus is an avid amateur golfer and a long-time leader involved in the activities of Winnipeg’s Filipino community. He is the current Area Commander of the Knights of Rizal for Western Canada, an international organization headquartered in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

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Batangas Amateur Golf Association (BAGA)
Tournament sponsors, Maples Physiotherapy Clinic
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The Kambingan team
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Members of the Philippine Amateurs Golf Association (PAGAM)