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ASWE Basketball finals

A clash of champions

by Helen Contreras


The Red River College South Gym buzzed with excitement for the ASWE Basketball finals on a thrilling afternoon, Sunday, February 18, 2024. It was a moment everyone had been waiting for!

Among four amazing teams, the championship title was up for grabs. Centro, Huskies, Lightning Link, and Wellington Drive had given their all throughout the season, and now it all came down to this one epic match.

Throughout the season, these teams had impressed the crowds with their skills and determination. Fans cheered them on through every game, building anticipation for this decisive moment.

And in the big championship match, Centro did not disappoint. They won over their opponent, Wellington Drive, showing off their skill and determination once again. With a strong final score of 63-61 in double overtime. Centro win will be remembered for a long time, making them true champions in basketball history. See below for results.

Following the team’s triumph, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) was announced. (See below.) A standout player whose leadership and exceptional performance shone throughout the game, earned the prestigious title.

The finals went right down to the wire. It finished in double overtime with exciting plays and tense moments. From amazing dribbles to lightning-fast passes, it was a testament to the talent and teamwork on display.

Let’s not forget the dedicated people behind the scenes – the coaches, referees, and organizers – who worked tirelessly to make the finals happen. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed and were vital to the success of the event.

While the final score might fade, the memories of this intense competition and the camaraderie it fostered will live on. Here’s to another season of unforgettable moments on the court, and to the enduring victory of all the teams!


  • Champion - Centro
  • 2nd Place - Wellington Drive
  • 3rd Place - Huskies
  • 4th Place - Lightning Link
  • Recognition Awards: Renchi Contreras (Huskies), Ronald Millan (Wellington Drive), Richard Tolentino (Lightning Link), Joel Lontoc (Centro), and Joe Gardiola (Lightning Link coach)
  • Best MUSE: Centro
  • Best in Uniform: Lightning Link
  • Best Coach: Jaime Magnaye (Centro)
  • Rookie of the Year: Aiden Pinga (Huskies)
  • Mythical Five: Binh Nguyen (Centro), Karl De Sagun (Centro), Jalen Millan (Wellington Drive), RJ Millan (Wellington Drive), and Don Dayrit (Huskies).
  • Sixth Man: Lance Catipon (Huskies)
  • Finals MVP: Binh Nguyen (Centro)
  • MVP of the League: Jalen Millan (Wellington Drive)

ASWE would like to thank all the donors; Mr. & Mrs. Jhonny and Nanette Ilagan, Kristine, Kristoff and Mrs. Claire Abrenica, Mr. & Mrs. Agig and Eda Magnaye, Mr. & Mrs. Rodel and Nelle Pitahin, Mr. & Mrs. Doming & Felisa Ilagan, Ms. Clarisse Catipon Realtor, Mr. & Mrs. Rommel & Helen Contreras. And, for music and sounds, Mr. & Mrs. Jigz (Mang Jose) & Irish Marquez.