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Some Enchanted Evening

Gerphil Flores in Winnipeg

by Judianne Jayme

   Gerphil Flores
Gerphil Flores

An intimate crowd gathered on a chilly Wednesday evening to be present at the enchanting performance of Miss Gerphil Geraldine Flores, who gained international attention as the second runner up in Asia’s Got Talent with her talent in the operatic arts.

The event took place at Westminster United Church on February 17th and opened with Miss Flores’s impressive rendition of the vocally challenging Plava Laguna, made famous in the movie The Fifth Element. This choice of an opening number truly highlighted Flores’s musical skill and talent.

Joining Flores on tour is Nazer Salcedo, a renowned tenor from the Philippines who has performed several intimate concerts in Winnipeg. Salceda not only performed on stage, but was also the artistic director for the evening. Flores also welcomed with her on-stage a dancer from the Institute of Dance of Manitoba, Christabel Leung, who performed a flamenco piece. Local artist Paul Ong, who came home with gold medals from this last summer’s World Championship of Performing Arts, performed a repertoire of contemporary and Broadway hits, including duets with both Flores and Salceda.

Performances showcased what has been named “popera,” mixing operatic styles of singing with contemporary songs. A pleasant surprise before the intermission was the medley of Disney classics performed by Flores, Salceda, and Ong, who also collaborated in the finale of Amigos Para Siempre, the theme song composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

The evening was made possible by Tribu Productions of Surrey, Vancouver, and organized locally by Dante Aviso.

Paul Ong, Gerphil Flores & Nazer Salceda Gerphil finale
Paul Ong, Gerphil Flores & Nazer Salcedo
Photos by Henry Balanial