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Band of Brothers: The 12/21

by Judianne Jayme

   Roque Maceda Roman Maceda Rico Maceda
Roque Maceda
Roman Maceda
Rico Maceda

A staple in the Winnipeg Filipino music scene is The 12/21. The Maceda brothers, Roman (vocals/guitar), Rico (bass/vocals), and Roque (drums) can be found performing at almost every large gathering, concert and community event. Their success has inspired them to release an album, including original music, which they are launching next month. Pilipino Express had an opportunity to talk to the trio about their music.

Pilipino Express (PE): You have been all over the city for performances lately. What gives you the energy to perform each time?

The 12/21: [What gives us energy is our] love for music, passion to share our talent and [to] entertain people.

PE: How would you describe the kind of music on this album? Who would really enjoy your album?

The 12/21: The sound of the album is more Alternative Pop Punk with groovy drumbeats, heavy guitar riffs and catchy melodies. Any age group can listen to our album.

PE: What has been your inspiration when creating original music?

The 12/21: Everyday life experiences, embracing spontaneity and listening to different genres of music [have inspired us for this album].

PE: In creating your album, what have been your greatest challenges?

The 12/21: Choosing what songs to put on the album. We had 20 original songs ready during the recording process. We chose the songs that are appealing to us and to our listeners.

PE: What advice would you give to other young people who want to pursue music?

The 12/21: Practice as much as you can, listen to different genres not just one [so you’ll have] a broad perspective of what you want to achieve in your music. Hardwork and patience.

PE: Where and how can we get our own copies of your new album?

The 12/21: You can message us at our Facebook page ( and you can also get a copy of our EP, Wish, at our upcoming album launching this November 12th. It will be a free admission show. Like our Facebook page for more details and updates.

PE: How can people get connected with the 12/21 band for updates?

The 12/21: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram (@the1221music), and subscribe to our YouTube channel (

We look forward to the launch event of The 12/21 and can’t wait to hear the original tracks that they will be releasing. Catch them at their live performances and don’t forget to get your copy of their EP, Wish. The official launch details are below:

The 12/21 EP launch concert of Wish. November 12, 2016, 7:00 p.m. 49 Euclid Avenue. FREE Admission.

Thank you so much to The 12/21 for answering our questions, and congratulations again on your new album! See you all at their EP Launch!