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One Magical Night in Winnipeg

thanks to a 22-year-old producer

by Maryrose Villena, ACC News Correspondent

Tirso Cruz III & Christopher De Leon
Alex Canlapan & Ruvie Ruiz

In this modern era of rap, pop, and electric dance music, a 22-year-old producer from Calgary decided that it is time for a throwback. For her first solo project as a concert producer, Ruvie Ruiz (VRS Productions) brought two veteran artists from her home country the Philippines, namely, the “King of Philippine Drama” Christopher de Leon, and Tirso Cruz III also known as Pip and regarded as the “Matinee Idol.” They came to Winnipeg on April 19 to bring a night to remember for Filipinos at St. Peter’s Church, Petrus Hall.

Coming from a family of immigrants and growing up with a close relative who is also a producer, Ruvie took the chance of doing her own show as soon as the opportunity arose. Apparently for Ruiz, it is a way to give back to the hardworking Filipino community by bringing these artists and OPM singers to them. A way to acknowledge that her fellow kababayans need a piece of home every now and then.

People – and especially women – flocked to see Christopher de Leon and Tirso Cruz. Some even brought memorabilia such as photos to show their support in Canada. It is evident that these two artists have made a big impact on Philippine film and media, and they hold a special place in the hearts of Filipinos.

For the whole night, the two of them serenaded the audience with songs styles from their time such as disco and cha-cha, along with dancing and tongue twister games.

Upon the success of this event, we can look forward to more shows from Ruvie to foster the sense of community and nostalgia for Filipinos here in Canada.

Photos by Rollan Temporosa