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Winnipeg celebrates 150 years

“Our shared stories, our shared future”

      Gillingham Artist
Mayor Scott Gillingham with local artist, Jordan Stranger who designed the Winnipeg 150 logo. Photo credit: Mayor Scott Gillingham’s FB page

Winnipeg commemorated its 150th anniversary as a city on January 19, 2024. January 19, 1874, was the day when the first meeting of the Winnipeg City Council was held.

To launch this momentous event, the city unveiled on January 15, 2024, a new graphic, a beautiful piece of art acknowledging the importance of Winnipeg’s Indigenous roots designed by local artist Jordan Stranger.

“What we wanted was an image that is truly iconic for this unique moment of reflection and celebration …  embodying the Winnipeg 150 theme, Our shared stories, our shared future. The graphic is rich in symbolic details and meaning,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham during the official unveiling at City Hall. He also added that the city will hold a variety of other events and celebrations throughout the year.

Winnipeg 150 Elements BILThe Winnipeg 150 logo

Winnipeg artist Jordan Stranger of Totem Doodem designed the logo for the Winnipeg 150 celebration.

Stranger’s work is deeply rooted in the traditions within contemporary Indigenous culture, and he uses his life experiences and spiritual practice learned through Ojibwe teachings to drive his artistic passions.

“Creating a graphic for the city that I grew up in was a huge honour,” said Stranger.

“I hope this graphic can be a symbol for growth and a reflection on what Winnipeg has to offer and what we wish to accomplish.”

The graphic features the current footprint of the City of Winnipeg over top a turtle shell to represent Turtle Island.

The Red and Assiniboine Rivers are displayed, within which one sees the image of a woman, meant to represent Mother Earth.

Small leaves can be seen throughout the graphic, signifying crops including sage and tobacco. It also includes an image of a crocus, which is part of the City crest. Seven trees represent the seven sacred teachings.

The graphic also includes a tribute to the varied seasons including sun and snow, and a bright north star.

The City says the logo will appear in prominent locations around the city, including on banners outside City Hall. Winnipeg 150 merchandise will also be available for purchase in the near future.

Source: courtesy of Mayor Scott Gillingham, Ley Navarro, and City of Winnipeg