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West End welcomes new dental clinic

Malaya Marcelino, MLA for Notre Dame, cuts the ribbon with Dr. George Loewen (right) and his staff, to open the new Dental Dreams clinic at 530 Notre Dame,  April 16

by Lucille Nolasco

A brand new state-of-the-art dental clinic opened recently in West End Winnipeg – surely a welcome addition to the community. Pilipino Express recently got in touch with Dr. George Loewen to share exciting news about the Dental Dreams clinic.

PE: Congratulations on the opening of Dental Dreams! You have a very nice and modern clinic.

DGL: We are ecstatic to introduce a brand-new, state of the art Dental Clinic in the Notre Dame West End area.

     dr loewen
Dr. George Loewen, DMD

PE: Why did you choose this location?
I chose to build my dental clinic in the West End because I feel a special connection to the neighbourhood. I spent

years living in this neighbourhood and have many fond memories. I remember my mom taking me to Aristocrat, Pampanga, and Miranda’s meats for some great food. I played basketball at Spence Community Centre. I would like to give back to West End residents who played an important part in shaping who I am today.

PE: Have you started accepting patients yet and how’s the first few days of operation?

DGL: Absolutely! We are accepting new patients. We have been quite busy. The first few days of opening, we had a number of people walk in to ask if we are open and if they can be seen today. We are aware that it can be difficult to find time to come in for regular dental check-ups. We are open evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, as early as 7:00 a.m and as late as 7:00 p.m. So, no one has to miss work or school.

PE: What kind of services Dental Dreams offer? For adults? For children?

DGL: We serve patients as young as two years of age to 103 years of age. We offer comprehensive dental care such as check-ups, dental cleanings, fillings, extractions, bridges, dentures, root canals, plants, and Invisalign. Moreover, we offer sedation services for individuals who prefer to be asleep during dental treatments. Anesthesia is available for individuals over the age of 12, and nitrous sedation is available for those 12 years of age and under.

PE: Are there other dental professionals at Dental Dreams? Other staff?

DGL: Yes, we have a great team of dental assistants and hygienists. We also have a team of nurses and anesthesiologists including Dr. Jay Daya, the Head Anesthesiologist at Grace Hospital. And, we cannot forget about our amazing front staff who make you feel at home. We are a culturally diverse team offering multiple languages including Tagalog, Laotian, and French.

PE: You opened Dental Dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic; did it cross your mind to postpone the opening until the situation is much more settled?

DGL: Understandably, some people are concerned about their safety during the pandemic. I would like to reassure community members that dental clinics must follow strict guidelines and Dental Dreams is no exception. Our dental facility is equivalent to hospital infection control standards.

PE: Are there safety protocols in place at Dental Dreams for patients as well as staff?

DGL: The safety of our clients and staff is at our upmost importance. Staff and clients are required to answer the COVID-19 screening questions and have their temperature taken using our portable thermometer. We minimize foot traffic using a strategic floor plan; one designated entrance and one designated exit.

Staff members are provided with medical grade approved masks, N95 respirators, protective eyewear including face shields, medical gowns, and surgical caps. We also have on-site laundry and shower for staff.

We have multiple sanitizing stations throughout the facility. The clinic is equipped with the latest HVAC system that clears the air in each dental treatment room every six to eight minutes. There are also fans built within the floors of the surgery rooms to push air directly outside.

PE: Let’s talk about you, Dr. Loewen. Have you always wanted to be a dentist growing up? Was anyone influential in your decision?

DGL: Growing up, there was always one constant in my life; working with my hands and excelling at academics. At the age of 10, I vividly remember really wanting a power drill and socket set for Christmas but never asked my mom for them because she was a single parent, and we could not afford much.

In Grade 9, I was exempt from class to self-study and conduct research projects to present to the class. Throughout high school, I challenged myself with taking all my core courses in the morning so I could attend autobody school at MITT. I finished the autobody program in half the time and graduated with honours at Kelvin High School with almost 10 credit hours above the high school credit requirement.

During my first year of full-time studies at the University of Winnipeg, I also attended R.B. Russell Vocational School to finish my autobody program. The skills I learned from MITT and R.B. Russell led to self-taught auto mechanics: replacing transmissions, clutches, and timing belts. These experiences helped me pay for four years of tuition at the University of Winnipeg. I purchased written off vehicles from MPI and rebuilt them during the evenings

A brand new state-of-the-art dental clinic opened recently in West End Winnipeg – surely a welcome addition to the community. Pilipino Express recently got in touch with Dr. George Loewen to share exciting news about the Dental Dreams clinic.

PE: Congratulations on the opening of Dental Dreams! You have a very nice and modern clinic.

and weekends, and then sold them. I also applied my autobody skills by helping others install superchargers, Lamborghini doors, and painting vehicles for local car shows where I was awarded the best paint job.

Following the completion of my undergraduate science degree, I worked for Station 4 on Sargent and Burnell as a firefighter/paramedic. This role taught me so much, including managing emergencies. All these events influenced me in applying for dental school.

PE: You were born in Los Angeles but grew up in Winnipeg’s West End. What was your childhood like?

DGL: My father is American and mother is Canadian. My parents separated when I was baby and my father did not play an active role in my life. I was raised exclusively by mother in Canada. My childhood was different. My mother was a medical doctor in the Philippines and was unable to practice in Canada. My mother could not afford childcare thus our family home was her place of employment. She ran a home day care and senior home. My mother is always accepting of others into our home and welcoming people into our family.

PE: Did being a paramedic/firefighter help you in any way in your work now as a dentist?

DGL: Absolutely. As a paramedic/firefighter, you are first on scene. Every second is critical. I learned to remain calm in emergencies, make critical life savings decisions in a matter of seconds, and communicate effectively in team settings. In this role, you also have the opportunity to connect with community members; to learn their stories. I have images permanently implanted in my head, images I cannot “unsee.” I have so many stories.

PE: What values or characteristics do you have that make you a perfect fit for this profession?

DGL: I think that the unique life experiences make me a person who can really listen to your concerns and build that trust and comfort that we all look for in dentist. In addition, my psychomotor skills to perform advanced surgical procedures has many saying, “Are we are done already!?”

PE: What do you do in your spare time?

DGL: I believe in the importance of active living to remain healthy. Despite working seven days per week, I will do my best to workout daily. I incorporate calisthenics, weight lifting, cycling, and basketball in my exercise regimes. I also enjoy car detailing.

PE: Is there anything else you would like to impart to our readers about you or Dental Dreams?

DGL: We understand that there are financial barriers to achieving optimal dental health care thus we offer in- house budget accounts. One can pay into their budget account for future dental care. We would like to place your physical and mental health care needs before your teeth.

Dental Dreams is now accepting new clients. The clinic is located at 530 Notre Dame Avenue. They are open Monday to Sunday. Call 204-777-5300 to book an appointment or to get more information.