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Justice for John Lloyd

Justice for our communities

Mourners left mementos & tributes at a makeshift shrine to honour John Lloyd Barrion at a vigil on February 19.

by Malaya Marcelino

I met with the family of John Lloyd Barrion in their modest home on Saturday, February 19, before a vigil held at the hotel beer vendor parking lot where the 19-year-old was killed. The family told me a little bit about their immigration story and their family.

John Lloyd was the middle child who used his earnings at the beer vendor to directly support his family and save money so that he could put himself through culinary studies. His siblings include three brothers and one sister.

His parents are heartbroken and are barely functioning. John Lloyd’s mother, Maria, described how John Lloyd generously shared the weekly earnings from his minimum wage job to pay for household bills, buy food, clothes, and shoes for his siblings.