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WINNIPEG – For two consecutive nights, 52 singers vied for 12 spots in the 2010 Pinoy Pop Star Grand Finals and a chance to win a top prize of $2000. 

In this semi-final phase of the competition, held on February 23 and 24 at the Jaguars Dance Club in the Club Regent Casino, the judges – Frank Urbano, Anita Lubosch, Dale Milne, Chester Pangan and Maui Zamora – expanded the Grand Finals group to 14 contestants after the tabulation results revealed extremely close scores among the top singers.

The names of the 14 grand finalists were announced on the second night of the semi-finals. In alphabetical order, they are: Sherrie Ancheta, Janice Baris, Jisselle Candelaria, Chantal Cano, Daisy Crisostomo, Jimuel de Castro, Allen Genota, Sheera Lumahang, Aiza Luna, Elsa Mutya, Cherrie-Len Olid, Grace Ann Panganiban, Melanie Sayarot and Joey Villanueva.

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