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Charice launches debut CD on Oprah show

Charice debuts CD on Oprah Show, May 10, 2010 WINNIPEG - Charice’s 18th birthday was on Monday, May 10th. On the very next day, she launched her first international album on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“She is one of the most talented young people we’ve ever had on The Oprah Show. We first met her two years ago, a gifted little girl from half way around the world,” Winfrey said as she introduced the petit young Filipina singer to her TV audience on her May 11th show.

In the Oprah episode titled, The World’s Most Talented Kids, Charice was prominently featured with Canadian teen phenom, Justin Bieber.

“I can’t believe these are my own songs,” misty-eyed Charice said. She thanked everyone who helped her, “and that includes you,” she told Oprah. It was obvious that Charice is very dear to Oprah as the latter tenderly embraced the singer. Charice sang her debut single Pyramid with Iyaz, accompanied by music produce, David Foster.