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Scott Gillingham – Winnipeg’s new mayor

Three Filipino Canadians elected as school trustees

Scott Gillingham

Scott Gillingham was elected Winnipeg’s new mayor on Wednesday, October 26, after a close race with former Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray. The two leading contenders in a field of 11 candidates were neck and neck up until the last ballots were counted.

Gillingham, who was the councillor for St. James, won with 27.5 per cent of the votes over Glen Murray’s 25.3 per cent ­– a margin of 4,391 votes.

Gillingham’s victory is notable for reaping the lowest percentage of the popular vote in a modern Winnipeg election. Previously, Susan Thompson won with 38.3 per cent in 1995.

This was also the closest mayoral race since 1977, when Robert Steen defeated Bill Norrie by 1,819 votes, or 1.24 percentage points.

dante aviso ann evangelista perla javate
Dante Aviso
School Trustee, Ward 5
Ann Evangelista
School Trustee, Ward 9
Perla Javate
School Trustee, Ward 6