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Let’s get to know Moe ElTassi

Candidate for City Councillor, Point Douglas Ward

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Candidate Moe ElTassi with his family
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On October 26, Winnipeggers will choose the next mayor to lead the city.

Since incumbent Brian Bowman has decided not to run for a third term, the political field became wide open for those who have the vision and the ambition to steer City Council in running a better community.

But the mayor cannot do it alone, he needs reliable and genuine Council members to help him.

The City of Winnipeg is sub-divided into 15 electoral wards, each represented by an individual member of City Council. One of these wards is Point Douglas, where one candidate for councillor hopes to be given a chance to help solve various issues plaguing the city and push for better changes.

Moe ElTassi is a businessman, his family founded Peerless Garments. He’s also a community advocate on many social issues and most recently was a member for the Winnipeg Police Board. The son of Lebanese and Brazilian immigrants, he puts utmost importance in being a father, a son, a brother, a husband, and an uncle.

Let’s get to know Moe ElTassi (MOE) more in this Q&A with Pilipino Express (PE).

PE: What made you decide to run for Winnipeg Council?

MOE: I am not pleased with how things are going in our city, and I’m sure neither are you. Crime feels out of control, homelessness is not getting the attention it deserves and our area is not getting its fair share of infrastructure spending.

I am running for City Councillor because our area needs a strong advocate who can deliver results.

More importantly, I am running for my five kids. I don’t want them growing up hoping to leave here at the first chance they get. I want them to be proud our city. And I will put in the work to build a better city that the next generation can be proud of.

PE: As a former member of the Winnipeg Police Board, what do you think are the major drivers of crime in the city?

MOE: Crime, and its root causes, is a complex issue that can’t be fixed by one City Councillor. What I can do is commit to you that I will work to bring together the right partners so that we have a coordinated and strategic approach. We need to have the city council, the province, social agencies and grassroots community organizations all working together. We need everyone rowing in the same direction at the same time.

PE: How do you plan to address crime and safety in our city once elected?

MOE: In the meantime, there are things that we should be doing now that are within the control of the city. We need to improve lighting in high crime areas. We need better enforcement of our bylaws to force owners of abandoned and derelict building to repair the building or sell it. We need more funding for foot patrols in key areas.

PE: Let’s talk about Point Douglas ward wherein some areas have a reputation of being one of the least desirable to live or work in…what are your plans to change that notoriety?

MOE: I would challenge that our area is not a desirable place to live or work. Tens of thousands of Winnipeggers live in the area and many more work here.

Yet, we see infrastructure spending flowing to other areas of the city. Our residents pay taxes and are not seeing a good return on their investment. I commit to advocating for more infrastructure spending in our neighbourhoods.

PE: More and more young people get involved in homicides, robberies, etc.. often because of gang affiliations. What can we do to keep our youth from committing crimes and running with the bad crowd, so to speak?

MOE: As a father of five young children, I know the importance of having safe and accessible community spaces for kids to play. I will ensure that all children have access to a community playground in their neighbourhood. I will advocate for proper funding of youth recreation facilities in the ward.

PE: What is your take on racism and discrimination?

MOE: My dad immigrated from Lebanon, my mom immigrated from Brazil, and I was born in Canada. I have experienced racism and discrimination and have seen my family experience it. That is why I work to ensure a more inclusive future for my kids.

I believe it is the job of elected officials to speak up for marginalized groups and advocate for equal access to government services.

PE: Is there a particular issue that you would like to tackle first once you get elected? Why?

MOE: The number one priority that I hear from residents is safety. Everyone deserves to feel safe. That will be at the top of my list.

PE: So far, there are three of you running for councillor in Point Douglas, what do you think makes you the best candidate to represent the area?

MOE: I will be a strong advocate for the area and will produce results. I will use my position as City Councillor to bring together city departments and other levels of government to ensure that our residents are getting the services they deserve.

PE: Thank you.

The northwest Winnipeg ward includes the neighborhoods of South Point Douglas, the Exchange District, Inkster Gardens and Tyndall Park.

Winnipeg residents head to the polls on October 26 to vote for a new mayor, school trustees and councillors.

Advance voting is also available at all Community Advance Voting Locations from October 18-20, 2022. For details and more information, visit: