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CAN PAY BILLS and BeamAndGo seal business expansion in Canada

     mon solis
  Mon Solis of CAN PAY BILLS and Albert Go of BeamAndGo, seal their business expansion program, during their business strategy meeting May 12, 2022, in Ortigas, Metro Manila

CAN PAY BILLS Inc, a Toronto based company that offers a payment channel service, and BeamAndGo, a Singaporean based company that offers e-commerce solutions to overseas Filipinos by offering a revolutionary way of buying grocery items in the Philippines, have finalized their business expansion program for the Canadian market. Mon Solis, Founder of CAN PAY BILLS Inc, and Albert Go, CEO and Co-Founder of BeamAndGo, met on May 12, 2022, in Ortigas, Manila, to lay down plans of expansion in Canada.

With the opening of the economy after a two-year pandemic, CAN PAY BILLS and BeamAndGo expect a surge of online transactions of grocery items for overseas Filipinos families in the Philippines.

“Infrastructure should now be in place to address the accessibility of payment channels,” according to Mon Solis of CAN PAY BILLS. “The offering of more products and efficient service in online orders of grocery items is what we are good, and should be available to Filipinos in Canada,” affirmed Albert Go of BeamAndGo.

The collaboration of a payment channel service and an e-commerce business will enable Filipinos in Canada to control their money remittance expenses. This will provide overseas family back home a sense of resiliency and financial security.