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Strengthen your faith through physical exercise

by Pastor Jayson L. Igloria


Grab this opportunity to be trained for free!

Yes, you heard it right! You will have two hours of free training every Monday evening between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. for three months, from November 2017 until January 2018 at the Freight House Recreation Centre, Door 3, 200 Isabel St.

I am amazed by the passion of two people I met here in Winnipeg. Let me introduce Ferdinand Cuenco Peralta, whom I met at Soap Opera Laundry Centre & Coffee Shop, and Joe Suarez, whom I will talk about in my next article.

Ferdinand has been growing stronger spiritually and feels that he should share his passion for the Arnis martial art with the public for free over the next three months. This act of generosity will be dedicated to his Grand Masters and to his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Grand Master Ferdinand Cuenco Peralta founded Falcon “Armado” Martial Arts (FAMA) on June 13, 1997 as a non profit organization to promote and help propagate the Filipino mixed martial arts and teach the value of mental, spiritual, and physical discipline by providing recreational facilities to anyone who trains in martial arts regardless of their gender or age. Students are taught to set and accomplish goals through training and competition.

Gaining mastery in Arnis/Kali/Eskrima/Mano, Punong Maestro Ferdinand studied Sikaran Arnis foot fighting under Cinon Tumolva of Cimaron Sikaran and the founder of Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis, Dante Alambra. He was first promoted to black belt by Col. Meliton Geronimo, founder of Sikaran International and has since attained his second degree black belt in Sikaran. Ferdinand has also studied traditional Shotokan Shoran Do with Shihan Tom Sulit and he learned the art of Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, in 1984.

Ferdinand went to the Philippines to upgrade his skills where he was promoted to Lakan Apat (fourth degree) studying under SGM Ernesto Presas, Father of Combatant, and Remy Presas, Father of Modern Arnis.

He also trained in the Dagooc Arnis System (DAS) under GM Rodel Dagooc. Peralta was certified as a Grand Master in Arnis, Kali, Escrima, Mano-Mano Dumog under GM Melchor William Amosco, and SGM Nuno Vic Sanchez, founder of Kali Arnis International.

Peralta is held in high regard for his ethics, abilities, and his teaching style. He has conducted seminars in Mexico City and Toronto and now holds an 8th degree black belt in Arnis, recognized by the Philippine Arnis Federation Act 9850. He has blended his knowledge of these various martial arts to create a unique style called “Armado Kinse Teros.”

Ferdinand Peralta can be contacted trough e-mail at, or by phone at 204-930-0136.

We know that God created humans with these interconnected parts, the body, soul and spirit and that the health (or sickness) of one can influence the health (or sickness) of the other. It is our responsibility as Christians to take care of it all.

Pastor Jayson L. Igloria is a Senior Pastor of I am Redeemer and Master Ministries, located at 187 Kilbride Avenue in Winnipeg with worship services on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. and children’s Sunday school at 10:30 a.m. For more information, call 431-334-7286.