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Send in the Klownz

By Judianne Jayme

    Boobay, Alan K & Ate Gay
Boobay, Alan K & Ate Gay.
All photos by Arnel San Jose of Jeprox Photography

Now, for something different: This is the first official comedy concert I am reviewing and it is refreshing to laugh for an entire evening. DMC Productions produced the Klownz Comedy Bar Canadian Tour stop in Winnipeg, held at the Club Regent Event Centre.

We began the evening with both energy and humour with performances by Super Sireyna 2014 1st Runner Up Edmund Novio and tandem Christian and Emmyly Bartolome of DZIRE. DJ DJX of MYXZ Images also entertained guests in the fully packed theatre. Event hosts Lucille Nolasco, Joyce Catenza, and Donna Arenas kept the program flowing smoothly between the opening acts and the awaited Klownz.

The Klownz set began with Boobay, who wowed us all in a sparkly, red ensemble, using impeccable comedic timing while interacting with guests in the audience.

Next in tow was Ate Gay, dramatically entering the venue from a side door in a black lace gown, with the ultimate impression of the one and only Nora Aunor. My personal favourite part of Ate Gay’s set was the mash-ups, noting how similar songs can be, and how easy it is to combine and layer tracks on each other. Ate Gay even went as far as to say that her mash-ups happened as her mother switched between radio stations in-between songs, and she just assumed that this was the same track. Ate Gay also sang a mash-up with Boobay.

Allen K performed the final set and delivered his Miss Universe act. He was moved to tears as he told a story of humble beginnings – of performing one song, Help by the Beatles, consistently in a nightclub where he began performing. The song was sung in the key of C, a challenging key for his vocal range, but he delivered it back then, which landed him that first gig, and he made sure to deliver the piece again, true to the key, for Winnipeg fans.

Winnipeg was the first spot for the Canadian tour, and all three comedians noted the warmth of the Winnipeg audience – often laughing during their sets or songs and interacting with the very eager crowd.

Thank you again to DMC Productions for your initiative in bringing in these wonderful talents from home. In the words of Charlie Chaplin, “a day without laughter is a day wasted.” This was definitely a relaxing and worthwhile evening with our Filipino comedian trio. As they say, it’s more fun in the Philippines.