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Life of Canadian PI by Ethel Clemente Fernandez

New officers continue

the cycle of giving and receiving

by Ethel Clemente-Fernandez

At this year’s annual general meeting held in February, the Filipino Members Chapter-Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (FMC) announced the new executive officers for 2018-2019 term. They are: Chair - Ray Sator, P.Eng.; Vice-Chair - Nonie Generoso, P.Eng.; Secretary - Joy Oserio, P.Eng.; Treasurer - June Tapia, P.Eng.; Councillors - Franz Kasala, P.Eng.; Leo Aguila, P.Eng.; Michael Villanueva, EIT; Rovila Balagtas, EIT.

The new officers got off to a strong start in their role by planning events that will be beneficial to FMC members and the community. Just four months into the office and four events have already been completed successfully.

Starting off with a self-investing workshop facilitated by the chapter’s main sponsor, National Bank, followed by a volunteers’ appreciation event to recognize valued volunteers. These two events were held one week apart from each other in the month of April.

To continue the chapter’s mandate of encouraging professional registration of FMC members through scholarship, a fundraising event, the first of three planned this year, was organized and held on June 2nd at Applebee’s Regent. The event was well attended by members, family and friends eager to support the fundraising effort. The proceeds from this event were more than enough to ensure at least one scholarship award and at least one Christmas Cheer Board hamper.

As community involvement raises awareness of the chapter’s presence, participation in Philippine Heritage Week, organized by Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba (PHCM) continued. In 2015, the chapter’s only participation in this annual weeklong event was attendance at the flag raising and opening ceremony. Three years later, the chapter added more events and expanded involvement by volunteering as well.

With this series of recently concluded events geared toward either giving back or receiving support, the new officers’ enthusiasm, fresh ideas, fundraising acumen and strategic planning will surely catapult the chapter to new heights.

Ethel Clemente-Fernandez is a professional engineer registered in the province of Manitoba. She is an active member of the Filipino Members Chapter - Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (FMC-APEGM).

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Annual general meeting
New officers
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Self-investing workshop
Volunteers’ appreciation
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Breakfast flapjack fundraiser
Philippine Heritage Week flag raising & opening ceremony