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Perla Javate     Philippine Heritage Week 2010

The Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba Inc. is a non-profit cultural group dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Philippine culture and heritage for our children and youth. PHCM also aims to showcase and share our culture with our fellow Canadians in Manitoba and to be active participants in our multicultural reality as Filipino-Canadians in promoting acceptance, mutual respect and understanding among fellow Canadians.

The PHCM evolved as a Council five years ago from what use to be an ad hoc committee known since the 1980s as the Philippine Heritage Week Committee. As a Council, it has involved a total of 32 organizations and our local media. It has developed a series of events that is meaningful to the various groups in our Philippine community and our city as a whole. This year, we will hold a series of events that will run from June 5th until June 19th. The community is welcome to join in the events meant for them. Here is a brief description of each event.