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Empowering Through Education by Judianne Jayme

Welcome back!

Back-to-school guide 2017

by Judianne Jayme

Hello, everyone! I am happy and thankful to be back to writing for my column for its fourth year. This year, I have chosen to go half time (to pursue more community endeavours) and at a younger grade (Grade 4). These new experiences will surely shape the direction of the column as well, as this will be the lens that I’m writing through.

September is here, and with it comes the return to school. One thing that I want to emphasize is the importance of practicing patience. As kids come back to school, think of it as the transition of coming back to a full workday after a vacation. It takes some time to transition, and even more so for kids!

Allow your child to have that time to settle into routines both at school and at home. The transition between two months of (generally) not having a set routine or schedule and then to suddenly having expectations and routines is not an easy feat. Believe me, this also applies to teachers! Have the patience to also celebrate their successes in transition back to good habits, not just reprimanding only the negative.

Instead of, “Why aren’t you doing your homework yet?” say instead, “I’m glad you’re adjusting well with ________.”

This could be about getting to bed a little earlier, or befriending new classmates, or signing up for clubs at school. Back-to-school is a positive experience if we make it out to be.

Parent Tip: #Goals

Anyone on social media uses the hashtag “goals” towards ideas, concepts, or images of a lifestyle that they wish to achieve. Let’s get back to the real meaning of goal setting. One way for students to feel success is to be able to achieve small goals in succession. Set long term goals with your child(ren), but also set “doable” and “right now” goals.

Long term: “I want to get an average of _________ for the first term.”

Short term: “I want to get to school on time every day.”

Best of luck with the transitions back to school, everyone!

Judianne is an educator teaching fourth grade in the Winnipeg School Division and is also a mentor for early service teachers. She works with youth through her youth empowerment project Dalagita and is beginning to provide cultural educational programming through her role in Mabuhay TV.

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