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Empowering Through Education by Judianne Jayme

New season, new beginnings

By Judianne Jayme

Spring is a season of renewal, another turn in the cycle of the year. It is a season associated with new beginnings, and the same is true for schools. For many students and staff, we experience our spring break at the end of March and return refreshed (hopefully) for the last leg of the school year.

Spring can also be negatively associated with slush and rain. This is a reality. There are always two sides of the story, but the optimist sees the slush as melting snow, and the rain as a necessity for dormant greenery to appear once again!

My career as an educator gives me lots of reason to be optimistic. I am in my third year as the Grade 6 teacher at Lord Nelson School, in the Winnipeg School Division (WSD). Lord Nelson is that majestic three-storey brick school on McPhillips Street between Redwood and Aberdeen Avenues. It is a building you can walk into and be greeted by staff and students alike, all eager to help you get to the office or wherever your destination is.

What does spring look like at Lord Nelson?

It looks like welcoming new families into our classrooms, many of them coming from the Philippines. Some of it also looks like a construction zone as the WSD begins building our brand new gym and extra classrooms! It also looks like the snow melting and bringing back to life our gorgeous outdoor classroom and sustainable garden area, featuring plants, trees and flowers that can be found across different parts of Manitoba. Spring also gives opportunities to gather in this garden after school as we have earned new picnic tables and benches for our sustainability projects.

People ask how I have so much enthusiasm for my career. This question is met with a grin or laugh. Teaching is by no means an easy career, but loving what you do makes it well worth it. I’m so incredibly proud of the school I work in, the staff I have built strong working relationships with, and the students who are motivated to keep up with our three school rules daily (setting examples all of us could really learn from): be safe, be respectful, be the best you can be! This school, the students, and staff make my teaching career appear easy.

Spring is about rejuvenation and renewal – see the goodness around you, see the potential for growth, and the opportunities to continue learning!

Parent tip: enroll now!

Another new beginning that occurs in schools at this time is registration for nursery students! Many parents, especially those whose only or first child is just about to become eligible for the nursery programs offered at various schools, are often unaware that you can begin registering your child as soon as March!

For those of you interested, and happen to live in the Lord Nelson School area, you can contact our office for inquiries and registration at (204) 586-9625 or drop in directly at 820 McPhillips Street. You can also check out our website at

Currently, children born in 2011 are invited to register for nursery.

A Tots in Training evening also helps introduce children and families to our school.

Phone the school in your area for information about their nursery or kindergarten programs. If you are unsure which schools and programs are near you, call your local school division to find out!

  • Louis Riel School Division: (204) 257-7827
  • Pembina Trails School Division: (204) 488-1757
  • River East Transcona School Division: (204) 667-7130
  • St. James School Division: (204) 888-7951
  • Seven Oaks School Division: (204) 586-8061
  • Winnipeg School Division: (204) 775-0231

Best of luck to families that are beginning these new journeys together!

Judianne Jayme is a third year educator teaching sixth grade in the Winnipeg School Division.

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