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Empowering Through Education by Judianne Jayme

Balancing act:

three E’s to help you set priorities

by Judianne Jayme

As I’m writing this, I’m smack dab in the middle of a one-week residency happening at my school. We have the pleasure of having an educator and soon-to-be author with us for her third and final year. She has been with us on this journey and, having been around since the beginning, I have noticed the clear improvement and strengths in our students’ writing.

What I appreciate most about this week of Professional Development (PD) – other than the core learning and growth I experience each year – is the fact that this particular resident guest “gets” teachers. She is patient, she focuses on relationships, and she gets results in ways that I, personally, do not feel obliged or “voluntold” to adhere to certain tasks and regulations.

On her first day, she said something that I usually hear from my peers, but rarely from someone providing the PD workshops for us. She told us, that to make room for these new ideas, we need to get rid of something else.

Our plates are full. In my last article, I talked about cleaning out your mental drawer. This was before this expert came in and said the same sentiment. She uses her “Three E’s” to choose what she needs to get rid of, and I’d love to share them with you.

When she knows she wants to try something new, she takes a look at her programming. She urges us to do the same, and to ask ourselves: “Is it efficient, effective, and empowering” This six-word question is truly a game changer for me, both professionally and personally.

Parent tip: Your three E’s!

What are you still doing that is ineffective, inefficient, and no longer empowering you? How would your daily routine be better without it? Small steps lead to huge changes over time. You just have to be patient.

Two weeks ago, I challenged you to begin your clean up, both physically and mentally. I continue to challenge you to do the same, and to set that example for your family. Use the three E’s to guide your way!

Judianne Jayme is an educator teaching sixth grade and a division-wide mentor in the Winnipeg School Division.

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