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YVANNE Social media: the new mirror

by Yvanne Dandan

Through this article, I am hopeful that you are reminded of how amazing you truly are and that, in this chaotic world, it is a priority to love yourself.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

For years, the media has portrayed the mirror as one of humans’ worst enemies. By standing in front of a mirror, we place ourselves in a position to critique and judge ourselves based on how we look. Several times, we’ve heard of stories, songs, and watched movies about how this had such negative affects on human psychology, mental health, and overall self-confidence. However, I do believe that over the years there has been a lot of great work and effort put towards helping society battle this “fight against the mirror.” Although there is still a lot of work to be done, it is evident that we are making progress in the promotion of self-love.

However, while we were persistently fighting in this battle against the mirror, another evil sneaked up on us: social media.

Something that our generation has that previous generations did not have is social media. I am an active member of the social media community and I love participating in the interactions online. I enjoy sharing my adventures by posting pictures, videos, blogs, and many more. In addition, I love seeing what my family and friends are up to and I can actually let them know I liked it by literally clicking a “like button.”

Speaking of that like button.

Whether we are aware of it or not, social media has a way of playing with our minds to seek validation and acceptance online. It is wiring us to believe that there is so much power that comes with that “like button.” Have you ever posted something online and felt anxious when you “didn’t get enough likes”? I have witnessed people experience anxiety and depression because of this and that led them to believe it is a reflection of their self worth. This is such a dangerous (and very false) “cause and effect” belief.

A friend once shared this quote with me: “A million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself.” This is so true! It is so important to detach ourselves from the idea that social media is a source for our self-esteem. Instead, make it a priority to love and take care of yourself.

You see, the mirror and social media are not all that different. Both of them have a sneaky way of tricking us to view ourselves through very harsh lenses. We are led to unfairly compare ourselves to others and have us feel relatively superior or inferior to them when really, we are all just on our own respective journeys in life.

The next time you share something on social media, try on the mindset that you are posting for the simple objective of sharing. Finally, before clicking “post,” find comfort in knowing that you are already loved.

Yvanne currently studies Independent Performance and Songwriting at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. Prior to Yvanne’s move, she completed a Business Administration degree (University of Winnipeg) and International Event and Wedding Planning Professional certificate (QC Career School). Above all, Yvanne is a big dreamer and is delighted to have the opportunity to share her thoughts and adventures. Search the hashtag #diaryofthedreamer on various social media to follow more of Yvanne’s journey

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