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YVANNE new byline The biggest adventure

by Yvanne Dandan

  Yvanne Snake
  Bucket List Item #24: Hold a snake wrapped around my neck.
Completed June 23, 2013
  Yvanne Grad
Bucket list Item #7: Earn my undergraduate degree.
Completed October 17, 2014
Have you ever heard of a bucket list? Basically, it is a list that one creates indicating all the activities and experiences they hope to accomplish during their lifetime. A bucket list is an exciting way to reflect about the kind of life one envisions living.

I started making my own bucket list back when I was thirteen years old. Since then I have “checked-off” some items indicating that they are completed. I have also made numerous additions to this list over the years and it continues to this very day. Some items are quite random and comical such as “hold a snake wrapped around my neck” (completed on June 23, 2013) and “jump around with kangaroos in Australia!” (outstanding activity). In contrast, I also have those items which I hold really close to my heart such as “go on a mission trip” (outstanding activity), “sing the national anthem in a big stadium” (outstanding activity), and “earn my undergraduate degree” (completed October 17, 2014). So, whether it is a small or big goal, I make sure to add that to my list.

I thoroughly enjoy creating and executing my bucket list. I find that it keeps me motivated, driven, passionate, and simply excited about life! Above all, what I love about these bucket lists is that it encourages us to not only dream, but to put our dreams into action. As Australian sports commentator John C. Maxwell once said; “dreams don’t work unless you do.” This is very true! However, as inspired as I am by my list, sometimes I find myself shying away from really going for it. If it were so simple to go after our dreams then everybody would be doing it; there would probably be minimal movies about it, and this article would be incredibly irrelevant (hah!). But the reality is, there tends to be roadblocks in the way to our dreams.

Five common roadblocks to following your dreams

  1. Fear: Not necessarily a bad thing since it is a normal reaction to decisions that require change. Sometimes people do not follow their dreams because they are afraid of leaving their comfort zone for the unknown. Another perspective of fear being a roadblock is the fear of failure or making a mistake.
  2. Doubt and insecurities: Caving into the idea that you are not good enough or capable; not believing in oneself.
  3. Societal norms or “what others might say”: It is possible that someone would be hesitant to follow their dreams because the path they are considering may not be common and is therefore prone to criticism.
  4. Financial: Let’s face it. Some dreams require you to spend some (or maybe lots of) money. For example, I would love to travel the world but that would require travel and all other related expenses!
  5. Excuses: “If you really want something, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” –Jim Rohn Believe it or not, sometimes the only thing in the way of our journey to our dreams is ourselves. It is important to recognize when this is happening so that we can “get out of our own way”.

More often than not, these roadblocks exist for us to learn just how much we want what we are working towards – whether it is worth it to “go for it!” Other times, these roadblocks exist to teach us about values such as patience and courage. Regardless, there is something to discover every step of the way.

So what’s to take away from all this? Continue dreaming good dreams and be inspired to follow through. Whether these dreams be big or small it is all significant to the journey. “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey.

All the best my fellow dreamers!

Yvanne currently studies Independent Performance and Songwriting at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. Prior to Yvanne’s move, she completed a Business Administration degree (University of Winnipeg) and International Event and Wedding Planning Professional certificate (QC Career School). Above all, Yvanne is a big dreamer and is delighted to have the opportunity to share her thoughts and adventures. Search the hashtag #diaryofthedreamer on various social media to follow more of Yvanne’s journey

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