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YVANNENow what?

by Yvanne Dandan


“Now, what? – one of the most powerful word combinations known to humankind; a true “fork in the road” or “blue pill vs. red pill” moment – referring to the Matrix, of course.

Recently, I looked through my journals from my childhood and on one page was my bucket list – a list of items one wishes to pursue and accomplish in their lifetime. I was pleasantly surprised at how many items I am now able to officially cross off the list. I did it. I’ve pretty much cleared off that bucket list. So… now what?

I realized that I now have all this extra time and energy to put towards pursuing other dreams. I think that the danger in accomplishing certain projects is concluding that one is ever done. There is always much more we can do to make our time here in this world a more meaningful, purposeful, and RAD one.

So… now what? I thought the answer was simple: I am going to create a “new and improved” bucket list! Friends, might I add that I was very excited about that.

I acknowledged that I’m not the same person I was when I first created my bucket list - I now have different priorities, goals, and views on how I wanted to live my life to the fullest. I think it is healthy to grow with your bucket list and to review them regularly in order to discern our truest intentions and reflect on genuine desires. In this way, we are striving towards a journey of life that is, not only full of adventure but also filled with pure joy.

I would love to take this time to share with you a few of my “thoughts to consider” should you decide to create your new and improved bucket list as well:

“Dreamstorm” before you brainstorm

It is important for your ideas to come from a place of possibility – “dreamstorming” is the process where you think that all ideas are possible, no limits. In the “dreamstorm” phase, editing is not allowed. Here you are allowing for creativity to flow in order to open up thoughts you may not have considered before. After “dreamstorming,” look at your list and then brainstorm ways to make it happen. This might mean scaling down a few items or being more specific with your word choices in order to clarify the goal or goals.

Consider categorizing your list

Whether it is by time, topic, etc., categorizing your list can help to organize your dreams so that they do not overwhelm you. Some examples of categories are: by time (to do in my 20s, 30s, …etc), by season (winter, spring, summer, fall bucket lists), by theme (travel, food, health, relationships, professional life).

Follow the “3 Cs”

Complete, Celebrate, Continue.

Whenever you complete an item on your list, make sure to take the time to celebrate your accomplishment. Once you have dedicated time to the celebration phase, continue on! Move onto pursuing other items on your list or maybe even dreaming up a new item to include.

So dreamers, continue that hustle and embrace the path you choose to take. Plan it well, pray for it more, and pursue it with passion. Your life is a journey and with your active participation, it can become one grand adventure.

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” –Oprah Winfrey


Yvanne enjoys empowering youth to discover their limitless potential in her current role as Program Manager with Career Trek Inc. She’s also an Independent Pop, R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter and utilizes this platform to communicate messages dear to heart. Yvanne is a big encourager of following one’s dreams and supporting others along the way. She is happy to be sharing her thoughts and journey with readers of the Pilipino Express since her middle-school years.


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