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The greatest lesson ever learned

You are entering your second year of university on your way towards getting a degree. You are enjoying the company of friends – old and new. You are at the peak of your teenage life. You are just starting to enjoy the new-found freedom that the ‘college years’ offer – the gimiks, the extended curfew, the malls, restaurants, and the other hang-outs that are now part of the places that you are allowed to go. You really feel like a grown up!

Then all of a sudden you and your family head to Winnipeg as immigrants. You have to leave everything behind and start fresh on a foreign land. Instead of going back to school with your “block mates”, you will now be in the company of complete strangers. What is even worse is that you are still considered a high school student even if you have already graduated in the Philippines and you are technically at the university level. What you once thought was the ‘new phase’ of your life just had a major twist. Sounds a lot like what you have experienced? Then, we are the same – it all happened to me.