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    April's fool

As of late the little Burgos Boys and my lovely wife Lizabeth have taken up Knock Knock jokes. The boys usually make up something on the spot and the punch line usually involves the words “Poo” or “Pee” (my apologies to those who may be eating at this time, perhaps it would be a good time to put the fork down).

For example, Burgos Boy #4, as we like to call him (at school he is more commonly known as Gavin) comes up to me and our ensuing conversation goes like this:

“Knock Knock,” says Gavin.
“Who’s There,” I say.
“Ummmm….Cow,” as he smiles.
“Cow who,” I answer looking very puzzled where this is going.
“COW POO!” he screams while laughing.

He’s missed the concept of the Knock Knock joke, but nevertheless, we both find it very funny. Plus he’s five years old, so I shouldn’t expect too much from him. I mean, I’m 34 and still make those jokes.

My wife chirps in and says she has a good one to share as well. Lizabeth starts it off:

“Knock Knock”
“Who’s there”, I say
“Eye eep”, she says.
“Eye eep who?” I respond.

Get it? Say the last line slowly. Their laughs are still haunting me. You gotta love being the guinea pig for these jokes. Soon enough, they’ll be asking to use the car. That’s when I’ll start to laugh uncontrollably; my bet is that they won’t find that too funny.



On an entirely different note and not one to laugh about but rather to commend and celebrate, is the recent completion of the 2nd Pinoy Pop Star competition. If you attended the Grand Finals you know what I mean when I speak of the excitement and electricity in the air that was at McPhillips Station Casino. If you weren’t there, let me tell you, it was awesome. Everything about that night was great.

I had the pleasure of co-emceeing with Ayen Dandan-Zamora, kudos to her for doing a great job!

Let me start off by giving a round of applause to our 14 Finalists. Each one had their own style and grace. Each one of them belted out their own rendition of their respective song choice. All winners in my book, but like any competition, only one can take the top trophy. Congrats to Grace-Ann for taking home the Grand Prize money and trophy.

Along with the great talents of our contestants, I wanted to give a big shout out to the Pilipino Express crew with their many volunteers who worked hard to put this fantastic event together. Each person played an integral part on the night’s success. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

Now let me share with you my experience for the evening. It was an early curtain call for the cast and crew of Pinoy Pop Star. I headed to the casino right after work at my day job. Sitting back stage, no audience members yet filling the seats. It was a quiet atmosphere, but yet there still was some activity going on behind the scenes. (Side note: The professional and courteous casino crew and technical team need to be commended for their positive attitude and confidence in hosting a show like this. The acoustics were great!)

It’s one hour to curtain call, I see the Finalists wandering about backstage. Some I see rehearsing their performance and going through their motions.

Thirty minutes to curtain call, I realized that I should probably change into my grown-up clothes. I don’t think the audience would take it too kindly if I wore jeans and sando on the stage.

Ten minutes to curtain call, I call home to wish my youngest boy, Camden, a Happy 4th Birthday. He asks what his present is and I explain that we gave him his present at his birthday party held the past weekend. He didn’t seem too impressed, so he got off the phone quite quickly and returned to watching cartoons.

The introduction music begins to play… there is our cue. Ayen and I enter the stage and look out into a sea of smiling faces. As each performance passes, I am continually impressed. Backstage when the judges begin to deliberate, I can’t help but feel excited.

Then it is time to announce our winners: Second Runner Up, First Runner Up and then our Grand Champion. The screams were deafening!

What a treat to be a part of the non-stop excitement that is Pinoy Pop Star. See you next year!

Dale Burgos manages the communications department for a Winnipeg school division.

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