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A Bit of Burgos by Dale Burgos

Change is good

As far back as I can remember, I’ve never been one to sit still. At home on my days off, there is always something to do. Whether it be cutting the grass, painting the house trim or playing any number of sports with the kids: tennis, basketball, street hockey and the list goes on. I love to entertain and I love to cook. I figure that when my eyes are open I should be doing something. My downtime comes when I sleep.

I once heard someone say, “I can rest when I’m dead.” I was young when I first heard that phrase. It always stuck with me. It wasn’t unfathomable either. Like many families, my parents worked hard from the time they immigrated to Canada in 1974. I never grew up going to day care; I was always with a parent. One would work days while the other worked late nights. And when they were home, they were always keeping busy. I have always admired them for that.

Should I be surprised that I have a problem with sitting still? I guess not. But I always thought I had a bit of Attention Deficit Disorder or as it is more commonly called, ADD. That wasn’t the case; I simply wanted to keep challenging myself.

Case in point: in the past decade I’ve changed jobs more times than the stars from Jersey Shore had a drink. Ok, that may be a bit far fetched. The entire population of Winnipeg hasn’t changed jobs more than Snooki has had drinks, but you get the idea. Every time I changed jobs, it was always for the better.

I recently accepted a position with the Winnipeg School Division. I am now managing the communications department for Manitoba’s largest division in terms of student population and school numbers. I am very excited for the next chapter in my career and the challenges and opportunities it will bring to me. I look forward to seeing many of your children in the schools and sharing their stories with the rest of community. If you happen to be at one of the many school events, I’ll be the bald guy with a camera. Come and say, Hi.

Since we’re on the topic of schools, are you ready yet? Students, have you gotten your three-ring binders, duo tangs and loose leaf paper? Or how about those lined notebooks and “white” erasers? I can’t believe how specific some of these school supply lists have become. Why can’t we just bring a lined notebook, pencil crayons and a geometry set? I mean really, do the kids use all these supplies over the school year?

This is the parent coming out in me. Five kids and five school supply lists. What does that equal? Mac and Cheese for a month, that’s what! School supply makers love this time of the year. I bet it’s big dollars!

My very smart wife came up with a solution to spend as little as possible when it comes to school supply shopping, while at the same time making it somewhat bearable for me. We drove south of the border a few weekends ago. Paper for 15 cents, notebooks for a measly 17 cents – you can’t go wrong. Doing that left a lot of money for me to eat at the Golden Corral Buffet or Texas Roadhouse steak house. She knows me so well.

Also, I noticed those little beer fridges and TVs were hitting rock bottom prices (College/University kids need these for their dorm rooms). Men, take note. You will need these for your man cave, so convince your significant other that you might as well get it when it’s cheap. Ladies, you might as well let us get these items for two reasons: 1) We will cry like babies if we don’t get them, and 2) It keeps us out of your personal space when it comes to game night coinciding with Grey’s Anatomy.

I want to wish all those little ones going into kindergarten or Grade 1 – like my youngest, Cam, or those older ones going into high school or university – all the best this coming school year. Make the most of it so you can get a good job after graduation – because your payments to the Canada Pension Plan will fund my retirement.

Dale manages the communications department for a Winnipeg school division.

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