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    April's fool

As of late the little Burgos Boys and my lovely wife Lizabeth have taken up Knock Knock jokes. The boys usually make up something on the spot and the punch line usually involves the words “Poo” or “Pee” (my apologies to those who may be eating at this time, perhaps it would be a good time to put the fork down).

For example, Burgos Boy #4, as we like to call him (at school he is more commonly known as Gavin) comes up to me and our ensuing conversation goes like this:

“Knock Knock,” says Gavin.
“Who’s There,” I say.
“Ummmm….Cow,” as he smiles.
“Cow who,” I answer looking very puzzled where this is going.
“COW POO!” he screams while laughing.

He’s missed the concept of the Knock Knock joke, but nevertheless, we both find it very funny. Plus he’s five years old, so I shouldn’t expect too much from him. I mean, I’m 34 and still make those jokes.