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A Bit of Burgos by Dale Burgos

2018 was lit

by Dale Burgos

Much to the chagrin of my kids, I like to overuse popular slang long after it has died out. I’ve taken it upon myself to embarrass the Burgos Bunch as much as possible. I’ve used the word “lit” instead of saying hot, awesome or cool. Lit is this generation’s version of “rad” or radical from the 80s. And what about “100”? That would be another generation’s version of for real or straight up.

You see, just like fashion, slang terms have a way of making a comeback, but in a slightly updated form. I’ve never stopped saying awesome or wicked. My all time favourite is sweet. I’ll just keep using it until it is cool once again. As for lit or 100, I’m going to guess that these words don’t have the staying power and will wither away from the mouths of millennials with its only existence found in the urban dictionary.

What else will 2018 be known for? For me, it was the year of politics. I was shocked to follow the North American Free Trade Agreement discussions and how Canada (notoriously known for having the nicest people in the world) was portrayed as taking advantage of our American neighbours. And what about the images of the migrant caravan from Central America making their way north hoping for a better life. I will never truly comprehend the hardship of the thousands that made that journey. Those two stories made a big impression on me this past year.

Closer to home, 2018 was the year for Fortnite. I don’t play it, but it seems that many do and everyone knows at least one person who has. Fortnite’s business model is simple: Download the game for free on pretty much any device or gaming system, add some good graphics, add a pay store where you can buy virtual coins (called V Bucks) to buy skins (gear and items) and you’ve got a game that attracts gamers of all ages. I can’t handle it. I get nauseous watching all the quick movements. I’ll stick to Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Classic thank you very much, but my kids are hooked. I can’t help but laugh when I hear them get excited during the game. One kid (Gavin) has gotten so into it that he now streams his games. He has proudly exclaimed that he is amazing at the game – or should I say lit or 100? Did I use that right? He has shown me video of popular YouTubers who have commented on his play. Not bad kid.

Social media didn’t start in 2018, but it sure has grown. Facebook’s CEO was questioned about the use of private information and how the popular social networking site was used to influence the 2016 American election. Instagram seemed to be the big winner this past year – I mean, who doesn’t love pictures, video or watching Instagram stories of their favourite celeb or public figure. Bella became a bit of a social media maven this past year. One of her videos alone garnered over 1.3 million views!

2018 for the Burgos’ wasn’t just about online gaming or social media. It was the year for fitness and sport. Dale Jr. took up boxing. It didn’t take long for him to get hooked (pun intended). He trained under a Team BC coach and was told that he was a natural. I thought he was full of it, until I started hearing it from other people. He had one match and knocked his opponent out. He’s now hung up his gloves and retires undefeated.

Now that the kids are older and we have more time for ourselves, Elizabeth and I have decided to join a gym. My wife chose to go with a personalized training approach. She’s up at 5:00 a.m. and at the gym before the roosters crow to attend a class with a trainer. The program features strength training and nutrition. As for me, I’ve chosen the solo route and got a city recreation pass. Being a big lover of sleep I never thought I would do it, but I’m up with Elizabeth and I head to the gym before work. Soon enough, I’ll be able to pass as The Rock’s body double. It’s gonna be lit up in here. Sweet.

Dale manages the communications department for a school district in British Columbia.

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