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What is the Career Internship Program at DMCI all about?

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Mr. Mark Neves and Ms Lynne Hanson, Career Internship Coordinator
Ever wished you could have tried out a career for a few months before spending years taking courses (and spending all that money) just to find that career path just wasn’t for you?

That’s exactly what some of the brightest and most conscientious students at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate (DMCI) are hoping to do, thanks to the Career Internship Program. The program will see students head out to a professional placement for a 30-hour practicum.

The intent of this project is to match students with a mentor. Through this mentorship, students will develop an understanding and identify the skills necessary to be successful in a chosen field of study.

The semester long program has both a classroom and practicum component. The in school component requires students to experience an introductory program that includes: orientation to the program, interview skills, time management, skills portfolio and professional protocol. This will be followed by a 30-hour practicum.

During the exposure to a possible career, the mentor will allow the intern to shadow them and participate in the area selected; the mentor will explain how and why they do what they do. Besides answering relevant questions about their career, where deemed appropriate, interns may be invited to help with some tasks to gain better understanding and insight to this career.

At the end of the mentorship term, the students will return to school for a debriefing session and assess their experiences as well as complete and present their employability skills portfolio.

This particular program has many unique characteristics, which makes it quite appealing to the students. The program offers the creation of an employability skills portfolio throughout the project and provides staff support on and off the site. It will demonstrate the importance of skill development, the relevance of school, and life long learning. It also allows students who have limited monetary resources to explore potential careers.

Ms. Lynne Hanson Montsion has been delivering the program for approximately 12 years and has been teaching at DMCI for 27 years. She has decided it is time to retire and begin a new chapter in her life. She said, “What are the are the things about DMCI I will miss the most? The wonderful students; the caring staff; the competent administration; the beauty of the building; and also my parking spot.”

Application forms are available in the DMCI guidance office and the library. Submit them to Ms. Hanson before the end of June.

In September the program coordinator will be Mr. Mark Neves. For more information call him at DMCI, phone 204-783-7131 ext 566 or 204-783-0502 or

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DMCI’s Finest
DMCI Chamber Choir with Music Teacher Cynthia Wahl (right)
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Ms Lynne Hanson Montsion and Ms Perla Javate with DMCI students