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    Winnipeg welcomes the world

  Nayong Pilipino Pavilion together with Pavillon Canadien-Francais
  Vanessa Laqui,
Youth General Ambassador
(Pearl of the Orient Pavilion)
Robert Viray
Nayong Pilipino Coordinator
Josie Concepcion
Pearl of the Orient Coordinator
  Folklorama Ambassadors General for 2011 (l-r): Susan Shortill (adult - Celtic Ireland Pavilion); Frederic Jubinville (adult - Pavillon Canadien- Francais); Neelan Sriranjan (youth - Tamil Pavilion); Abirami Karthigesu (youth - Tamil Pavilion). Photos by Maui Zamora

It’s August and this means that Folklorama season is here! From August 1 to 14 – we can once again enjoy exploring and getting to know our wonderful neighbours here in Winnipeg who, like many of us, came from another country to settle in Canada. This year, according to the organizers, there are two new pavilions – the Sudanese and Ethiopian – bringing the total to 45 pavilions presenting various cultural shows and allowing us the opportunity to learn about their countries’ custom, traditions and a taste of their unique cuisine.

Remember to bring your guests to our two pavilions before you visit the other 43 pavilions.

The Nayong Pilipino Philippine Pavilion, sponsored by the Philippine Association Manitoba, will entertain visitors from August 1 to 7 at Tec Voc School. Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts will present the cultural shows under the artistic direction of Sheila Bughao.

Robert Viray is this year’s pavilion coordinator. Flavy Agpalza and Sheryll Dandan Zamora are the adult ambassadors while the youth ambassadors are Lex Legaspi and Chantale Vaillancourt. Once again, the Pilipino Express News Magazine will host the cultural display.

Magdaragat Philippines Inc. sponsors the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion in the second week, from August 8 to 14 at R.B. Russell School. Josie Concepcion is the pavilion coordinator with adult ambassadors Robeson Arlegue and Cherry Vicente, and youth ambassadors, Rommel Arlegue and Catherine Vicente. Vanessa Laqui of the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion is one of this year’s four ambassadors general.

While the long-range weather forecast gives us a mix of sunny days and rainy days during the first two weeks of August, this annual festival of nations is a perfect destination especially if you are a new immigrant wishing to know more about our multicultural society, and if you are entertaining tourists from out of town.

In this issue of the Pilipino Express, we are featuring one of our most promising local teens in the field of performing arts. Mimoza Duot is one of the aspirants in Season 3 of YTV’s The Next Star. Mimoza was among the top 16 contestants chosen in last Monday’s episode held in Saskatoon. The next episode airing August 2nd will show the other top 16 vocalists from Edmonton and Vancouver.

Will Mimoza make it to the top six We’ll find out on August 10th.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) continues to be a hot topic among our kababayans. From the time the program started in the mid-1990s until now, many new immigrants from all over the world have made Manitoba their Canadian destination because of the MPNP.

Now, there is some talk (again) about the MPNP and about how the application of its rules seem to have changed recently, which may be affecting Filipino applicants to the program.

MLA for Inkster, Kevin Lamoureux, submitted an article about the MPNP with some issues that need clarification from the provincial government. We asked Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard to respond to Mr. Lamoureux’s comments and she kindly obliged.

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