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Emmie Joaquin

   Pinoy Pop Star Grand Final:

    It's not just a contest; it's a concert experience!


Remember the date – March 23rd – at the Main Stage of the McPhillips Station Casino. You will see our local Filipino pop stars shine and I promise you, it will be an experience to be proud of.

As the 2010 Pinoy Pop Star Grand Finals approach and the excitement grows among local music fans – especially among the friends and families of the 14 finalists – the preparations for the show are in high gear.

And that is exactly what it is – a show. It’s not just a contest but also a real concert experience. Anybody who saw the Grand Finals last year could tell you about the high calibre of the finalists as well as the professional standards of the McPhillips Station Casino Main Stage.

Bigger and better

This year we have taken everything up a notch. In addition to the top-level sound system of the casino’s concert bowl, the intimate enclosed venue now boasts an expanded stage with even more computerized lighting effects.

Special guests

However, the improvements to the show are not only technical. This year, we have expanded the list of special guests. 2009 Pinoy Pop Star Champion Elsaida Alerta will bring her amazing vocal talent back to the casino for a guest appearance. Her stunning performance last year of And I Am Telling You from the musical Dream Girls left the audience breathless. Jesse James Baris, the 2009 runner-up, will also return and he’s bringing his live band with him including Robert Garcia, Clint Nebre, Jenelle Salanguit and Allan Suban.

Winnipeg’s own Chris De Guzman, a.k.a. Zacariah, will also perform. Zacariah won two Awit Awards last December in the Philippines – People’s Choice Favourite Male Recording Artist and People’s Choice Best New Male Recording Artist. His singles Suko Na and Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita, have been topping the charts in the Philippines while one of his English singles, Joy Ride, has received airplay on Hot 103 FM in Winnipeg. This is a unique chance to see a star in the making.

Finalists’ mission: Make it hard for the judges!

Meanwhile the finalists have been preparing for the show – not only their competition songs, but also a special group production number. In this area, too, the Pinoy Pop Star team has introduced new enhancements to the Grand Finals. This year, the finalists attended a special workshop with former Pinoy Pop Star judge, Anita Lubosch, whose Own the Stage workshops help singers hone their stagecraft.

Anita relinquished her position as a judge to work one-on-one with each of the finalists.

“I was blown away by the vocal talents of the finalists last year and the semi-finalists this year and I wanted to help them bring their performances to a higher level; to really work the stage and connect with their audience,” said Anita.

During the intense 12-hour workshop, which was held on Saturday, March 6, all the finalists performed before an audience of their peers – their fellow finalists. Each was given a detailed critique and constructive tips to make their performance more relaxed and professional. Anita’s mission statement for the workshop was: “Let’s make it really hard for the judges!” And I think that is exactly what they are going to do.

As I watched each of the singers go through Anita’s process, I could see their performances evolve and transform. After about half an hour, each finalist went from “just singing” to really performing like a relaxed, confident professional.

Many of the finalists remarked that they had learned a lot in the workshop and it didn’t stop there. The finalists have been keeping in touch with Anita and with each other through a private Face Book group where Anita continues to share her knowledge with them as they prepare the group number for the Grand Finals night.

Last year’s Pinoy Pop Star Grand Finals night was an unparalleled success and this year promises to be even better! Don’t miss it.

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