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Emmie Joaquin    Olympic Torch generates good will
  The Olympic Torch was designed and made by global train and plane manufacturer Bombardier. Its design team said that it was, “Inspired by the contours of Canada’s winter landscape, the torch is designed to withstand colder temperatures than any other torch in Olympic history and uses a dual burner system to guard against extreme weather conditions.”

Many said it was an experience of a lifetime. And I believe them. How often can anyone be an official torchbearer for an international event like the Vancouver Winter Olympics? Despite the frigid temperature and wind chill, they carried the Olympic torch proudly.

In this issue of the Pilipino Express, we join in the excitement and pride felt by everyone involved in the Winter Olympic torch relay in Manitoba, most particularly our fellow Filipino-Canadians who were selected as torchbearers. I am sure there are other kababayans around the country who were torchbearers in their respective cities – to all of you – Mabuhay!

When the Winter Olympic torch arrived in the city on January 5th, the sense or unity and goodwill was very contagious at The Forks. The mood was overwhelmingly cheerful. It was like being in the Winter Olympics itself. While many of us would wish that we could be physically present during the opening of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February, it is not that easy to be there. Some may not have the luxury of getting time off from work; some may not have been able to purchase the tickets to see their favourite winter sport because they were sold out in an instant, and many won’t be able to afford the cost of airfare, hotel accommodations, tickets, etc. to experience the thrill of watching the games unfold. But the fact that we, as a community, were able to welcome the Olympic torch and join it in its journey across the province is in itself a delightful experience. The Vancouver Winter Olympics will be from February 12 to 28 – I will be watching it from my living room TV.

Pinoy Pop Star – live auditions on January 19

You still have one more chance to participate in the Pinoy Pop Star 2010 singing contest. On Tuesday, January 19, we will conduct the last live audition for those who did not make it to the January 5 and 12 live calls. It will be in the Agassiz Room, second floor of the McPhillips Station Casino from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

We saw a good number of talented amateur singers who wowed our judges during the recently held two audition days (for more of this, please read Pinoy Pop Star live auditions). I am amazed at how our Filipino community never seems to run out of singing talents. I look forward to watching all of them during the semi-finals on February 23 and 24 at Jaguars Dance Club at the Club Regent Casino.
It’s not too late, we hope to see some more of our local talents on Tuesday at the McPhillips Station Casino.

Immigration workshop in the Philippines

We wish our friend, Kevin Lamoureux, MLA for Inkster, a safe trip to the Philippines. Kevin will be in the Philippines during the first week of February to conduct information workshops in Cavite, Pangasinan, and Bulacan. According to Kevin, his objective is, “ help families here be reunited through immigration and in particular the Manitoba Nominee Program.” He will also be attending a medical mission and visiting some universities. If you have relatives in the Philippines who wish to take advantage of the free immigration workshops, you must register their names before January 28th. Please e-mail the MLA from Inkster at


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