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Emmie Joaquin      Like it or not, family dynasties still rule RP politics

“I will not only not steal, but I will run after thieves. We lead by example,” declares the new president elect, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. That statement is music to my ears.

I must admit I have no opinion of the new Philippine president. And I think it is a good start.

Sure, I have heard from many of my Pinoy friends who campaigned for his opponents that, “Noynoy did not do anything significant for the country during his early years in politics… what will he do now that he is the Chief Executive?” I have also received e-mails with nasty criticisms about his mental and intellectual capacity, even his non-charismatic personality and very average looks. And of course, there are the sarcastic comments about his possible first lady, none other than his famous celebrity sister, Kris Aquino.

But that’s politics. The contenders will hurl mud in every way possible at their opponents just to discredit each other. In the end, it all checks out as each one throws stones in their respective glass house.