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Jojo Bandana – Pinoy magician delights Winnipeg kids and the kids-at-heart


JOjo Bandana 3From having no interest in being a magician to being a skillful one, you could say magic played a part in Jose Quinto’s professional career.

Known as Jojo Bandana, the Pinoy magician’s weekends are almost always full of kiddie parties infused with this type of entertainment. But this wasn’t always so.

Before immigrating to Canada in 2010, Quinto used to work for one of the biggest banks in the Philippines, just like his father who served as a senior executive in the banking industry.

It was not until he met a client who invited him to a Magicians Incorporated anniversary that his interest was piqued.

“I was amazed with all the magicians performing. So, after the event I talked to the founder, Enrique Nadela, otherwise known as BUrIk,” Quinto said.

“I told him I want to learn some magic tricks. So, he taught me some kiddie magic tricks. At first it’s just for fun, to show our clients in the bank. When I found out that a magician in Manila makes good money, I was surprised. So, with the help of other magicians, I started buying VHS tapes and instructional videos. And I told myself that someday I will become a well-known magician in the Philippines. So, I quit my full-time job in the bank to become a full-time magician. And the rest is history.”

Here in Winnipeg, Quinto started performing in 2012 when he was invited to a 50th birthday party. He received very encouraging feedback and so told himself to perform again, like what he had been doing back in the Philippines.

“So far and thank God, all my parties or clients are all happy. And leaving them mesmerized by my magic act and wanting for more.”

Asked what for him, is magic, Quinto had this to say: “I do believe in magic in many ways. The real magic is when people who watched you will recognize or approach you after your show and congratulate you for a job well-done. When they recommend you and spread the word about your one-of-a-kind magic show.

My every performance is memorable. I always give my 100%. And I always thank God for the talent he entrusted to me.”

As far Quinto knows, he is the only Filipino magician in Winnipeg. You can contact him through his Facebook page: Magic of Jojo Bandana or send him an e-mail:

– By Lucille Nolasco