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Congratulations Atty. Ingrid Ruiz!

Normally, when new lawyers are called to the bar, they can look forward to a formal ceremony in June. For Maria Ingrid Ruiz (and her colleagues), the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the typical ceremony would not be possible. Instead, her road to becoming a fully called lawyer took three different stages.

First, Ingrid received her conditional call to the bar on February 1st. Second, Ingrid was invited to sign the roll books on April 30th. Accompanied by her proud parents, Ricardo and Marivic Ruiz, and her boyfriend, Vincent Tang, Ingrid attended at the Law Society of Manitoba and took part in the long-honoured tradition of signing the roll books. On June 24th, Ingrid and her colleagues will officially be presented to the court with an online call to the bar ceremony. Congratulations Atty. Ingrid Ruiz!

MIR group MTL Call to the Bar Announcement for MIR 2021
Atty. Ingrid Ruiz with her proud parents,
dad Ricardo, mom Marivic and boyfriend Vincent Tang