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elects new leaders

The Alpha Phi Omega Manitoba Alumni Association (APOMBAA) announces its newly elected Executive Council and Board of Directors last February.

Executive Council for Developmental Year 2014 – 2015: President: Derrick Vergara (Theta Delta ‘95); Vice President: Emerson Dimarucot (Xi ‘83); Secretary: Irene Paule (Epsilon Xi ‘98); Treasurer: Jun Santiago (Epsilon ‘78); Auditor: Angelito Lopez (Alpha Eta ‘ 84); P.R.O: Albert Bravo (Alpha Gamma ‘2002); Sgt. at Arms: Christopher Marquez (Alpha Epsilon ‘92), Leo Licardo (Lambda ‘72) and Allan Javier (Kappa Omega ‘2000).

Board of Directors: Chairman: Edgar de Leon (Alpha Theta ‘72); Secretary: John Jaramilla (Xi ‘98)

Members: Earl John Jamora (Gamma Kappa ‘90); Christopher Marquez (Alpha Epsilon ‘92); Derrick Vergara (Theta Delta ‘95).

The APOMBAA is a non-profit volunteer oriented organization. “Our members have made a lifetime commitment to the guiding principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It is from these guiding principles that the Executive Council, the Board of Directors and the members of APO Manitoba Alumni Association strive to achieve to make a difference in our community. Feel free to liaise with any of our members if our organization can be of service to you. We are open to bilateral cooperation and participation with organizations that share the same vision,” said Derrick Vergara, APOMBAA’s president. For more information: Email: or

Call: 204-451-0838

APOMBAA – A non-profit volunteer oriented organization
APOMBAA Steinbach brods
APO Manitoba members on their election day