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Flowers, but not for a valentine

by Maryrose Villena, ACC News Correspondent


On February 15th, the Barrion family came together to commemorate the second death anniversary of John Lloyd Barrion. A 19-year-old Filipino who was killed by three men during a robbery two years ago at the Travelodge Beer Vendor on Notre Dame Avenue just when he was wrapping up his shift and was about to go home to his family.

With the help of fellow Filipino community members from the 204, John Lloyd’s family and friends gathered for a vigil at the spot where his body was found by a fellow employee hours after his death.

This was not just a tribute, but also a call for justice and to promote vigilance regarding incidents like this. For this was not the first time a Filipino became a victim to such violence in this city. Jaime “Jimboy” Adao Jr. a 17-year-old was killed in his own home during a home invasion in 2019.

Apparently, the Barrion family, especially John Lloyd’s mother and brother are still hoping for a much fairer sentence for the suspects, since only one of the three pleaded guilty and was convicted to seven years in prison. This has sparked the family and even the Filipino community’s unyielding rally for change.

As the vigil unfolded, the memory of John Lloyd was honoured through speeches, lighting candles, and offering flowers. A true testament of how much the incident and John Lloyd’s memory is still truly and deeply embedded in each one of his loved ones.

Photos by Maryrose Villena