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Shaftesbury High School raises money for typhoon Haiyan victims

By Caitlyn Wiebe

In December, Shaftesbury High School students, the Winnipeg Church of Christ, and HOPE worldwide worked together to hold a bake sale that raised $345 (plus the government match) for victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

After the typhoon, HOPE worldwide was providing aid to those affected in the Philippines; especially those left as orphans and other prime victims. Kimberlee Potter the director of HOPE worldwide in Winnipeg helped me come up with the idea of a bake sale at my school (Shaftesbury High School) and gave me many of the

tools needed to start the fundraiser. The principal at Shaftesbury High School loved the idea and suggested involving Shaftesbury Cares, a school group committed to helping the less fortunate. I talked to Shaftesbury Cares and they really wanted to be involved in fundraising for the Philippines.

The whole event was completely dependent on all the people that contributed baking. People from my church donated tons of baked goods. School staff also contributed. The students from Shaftesbury Cares made posters to promote the event and they gave up several lunch hours to help out the sale. I believe the event was truly blessed because everyone was united and worked together.

Caitlyn Wiebe is a Grade 11 student at Shaftesbury High School in Winnipeg.

Shaft-Cares-1 Shaft-Cares-2
The organizer, Caitlyn Wiebe (far right), with her schoolmates during the bake sale at Shaftesbury High School fund-raising event

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