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Iglesia ni Cristo – Worldwide Walk

World record for largest charity walk

WINNIPEG – Thousands of members of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) in the Western Canada region braved the cold wintry morning of February 15, 2014 to walk for a worthy cause. The INC Worldwide Walk was also held in all continents with INC members focused on their goal to raise funds so that typhoon survivors can rebuild their homes and their lives.

In Winnipeg, INC members defied the freezing temperatures at 8:00 a.m. at the Assiniboine Park. “We walk, so they can stand – that is our battle cry to raise funds and awareness for those affected by the super typhoon… over half a million INC brothers and sisters participated in our worldwide walk… we want people around the world to know that the need continues… that our kababayans in the typhoon ravaged areas in the Visayas still need our help,” said Winnipegger Jimi Cruz, public affairs head of Winnipeg’s INC.

Not only did the INC achieve its goals, it also shattered two world records for organizing the largest charity walk according to Guinness World Record officials in a news conference held in Manila on Feb. 16, 2014. A total of 175,509 INC members walked at sunrise along the boulevard by Manila Bay toppling the record set in 2000 in Singapore where 77,500 people walked to promote healthy living. The INC worldwide walk was also held in 28 other countries with 519,221 combined participants. It broke the record previously set in Canada that only had 231,635 people participating in a charity walk in multiple venues in 2007.