Folklorama is back!



2022 Ambassadors’ General - the faces of Folklorama for 2022. The 2022 Adult Ambassadors’ General are Sarahdelle Galera (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion) and Karman Sidhu (Punjab Pavilion). The Youth Ambassadors’ General representatives are Sudan Parke (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion) and Nicolas Tamayo (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion).

The world’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival, Folklorama, is back till August 13th!

Twenty-four Pavilions across Winnipeg are open to the public, showcasing some of Manitoba’s finest ethno-cultural arts and cuisine.

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After being postponed for almost two and a half years, the Pinoy Pop Star Grand Final is August 26. Buy your tickets online at Ticketmaster or in person at the casino Gift Store. Early Bird Price is $20+GST = $21 + TM fee until July 22; Regular ticket price is $25+GST = $26.25 + TM fee – after July 22. Old tickets will be accommodated.