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Kimberly Ho: from fat to fab and beyond

Kim in 2006
Kim's sponsorship photo
Studio photos by Charmaine Mallari
True Charisma Photography

Winnipeg bodybuilder Kimberly Ho will soon take the next step on her continuing journey, which she calls From Fat to Fab on her Facebook photo page. On April 28, she will compete in the 2012 International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) World Championships Qualifier at the McPhillips Station Casino. If she is successful at this event presented by the Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association (MABBA), she will attain her pro card status, which will allow her to compete throughout North America and, ultimately, in international events.

The now-petite Kim began her journey back in 2008 when, weighing 170 pounds, she sought the aid of a personal trainer to help her lose 20 pounds and to build her strength and confidence. She started a personal blog, now called kimmyConduct ( to document her progress. Touched by the story of Kim’s success, her new trainer, and now boyfriend Sam Dalupang, urged her to make the blog public in 2010.

It was in that same year when Kim saw her first bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini competition, which inspired her to go even further in her quest to reshape her body. She decided to take up bodybuilding, a sport in which Asians are somewhat of a rarity. Through Sam’s workout and nutrition plan, Kim reduced her weight to her high school level of 135 pounds and in the process, sparked her desire to pass on what she had learned. She registered to become a certified personal trainer and now Kim and Sam have a growing personal training business.

In Kim’s very first foray into the sport, she bested 12 other competitors to take second place in the Bikini Short category at the MABBA Novice Bodybuilding Competition in March 2011 while Sam took second place in the Men’s Welterweight category. See the article Novice No More.

Since then, Kim has been featured in Natural Muscle Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine. She has also gained sponsorship from Muscles by Meyers Sports Nutrition on William at Isabel, one of the most respected nutritional supplement businesses in Winnipeg.

“I want to be a role model to show that anybody can reach their goals with persistence, patience and a great support system,” says Kim. “The best piece of advice I could offer to anyone who is just starting their total body wellness journey is to be patient because achieving a body like what you see in the fitness magazines definitely does not happen overnight. Each day you make that sacrifice to eat clean and work out hard is just one day closer to achieving your dream body.”

Kim will be competing with fellow Winnipeg Pinoys, Jholeen Ponce and Brian Duaqui at the IFBB World Championships Qualifier at the McPhillips Station Casino on April 28. Tickets are available at Simply search, “IFBB.”

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