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Mimoza Duot at The Next Star Season 4 premiere
"Mimo" with dancers Jonathan Arsenault & Derick Robinson

Mimoza Duot set to release single, album to follow

Winnipeg singer Mimoza Duot will shoot a video later this month for the new single on her upcoming album. The young Pinay has been recording over the past year with the indie label and production company, Gimme More Music, jointly owned by the Toronto songwriting team of Tyson & Meesah who have worked with artists such as Kardinal Offishall, Kreesha Turner, and Shawn Desmond.

According to the duo, they saw a spark in Mimoza that they could not pass up after penning and producing her first single Insane for YTV’s The Next Star singing competition. Mimoza was a finalist last year in the nationwide contest.

Mimoza’s new single is entitled Love, in which she sings of her desire for everyone to “dry your tears with love,” and “It’s not all hopeless if we all show our love.”

“It’s refreshing to hear a song with such strong lyrics about feeding babies in the Congo and caring about the kids you go to school with,” said producer, Meesah. “It’s clear that with this song Mimoza hopes to create a “love” movement among her peers and fans and not be just another young star without a message.”

The music video for Love is set for release in September.

Mimoza’s Toronto performance

While recording in Toronto last month, Mimoza was invited to perform at the premiere party for The Next Star Season 4 alongside Diego Gomes. There was not a minute of time to waste preparing for the show. Her team pulled out the big guns with So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s own Luther Brown to oversee the choreography, along with dancers from the show’s last two seasons, Derick Robinson and Jonathan Arsenault.

Mimoza walked the red carpet with the likes of Next Star host, Adamo and Carlos, host of The Zone.  Later, she signed autographs and posed for photos with her fans.

Mimoza’s fans can hear a preview of her new single and see photos of her preparing for the recent Toronto performance on her YouTube channel. Love will be available for download on iTunes in September. Meanwhile, Mimoza is staying close to her fans on her YouTube Channel at and Twitter pages, and

Stay tuned for more from Winnipeg’s own Mimoza Duot.

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