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Chemo Savvy makes waves at Canadian nationals!

by Regina Urbano

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Chemo Savvy Inc.’s dragon boat racing team had a great trip to the 2019 Canadian National Championships in Regina on August 10. Despite high winds, long delays in marshalling and cancelled races, the team performed well. Chemo Savvy made history as the first breast cancer team to compete in the senior women’s category at the nationals. Competitors included former Olympians and world champions.

The Chemo Savvy team paddled at their planned pace, experienced excellent race times and achieved their goal of completing the 2000m race in under 13 minutes! A huge factor in the team’s success was the dedication and patience of the coaches Sylvie, Tara, Yvonne, and Marlene – all of whom are breast cancer survivors.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating. These women, with their fierce determination, are examples of how to triumph and thrive. Chemo Savvy Incorporated is a charitable organization dedicated to:

  • educating the public about breast cancer and its prevention;
  • improving the physical and psychological well-being of breast cancer survivors through fitness activities;
  • providing support to individuals living with breast cancer; and providing volunteer support to other charitable organizations with similar objectives.

Through participation in Dragon Boat Racing, every member of Chemo Savvy promotes physical and emotional well-being.

If you or someone you know is a breast cancer survivor and interested in fitness, e-mail the team at or check their website at

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