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Martial arts athletes win big in Ireland

19 medals at World Karate Championships

Bottom row, l-r: Sheina Balaswit & Kyle Dalandan. Middle row, l-r: Jayzelle Policarpio, Lee Angela Igne, Lynn Igne, Mia Dalandan & Liane Dalandan. Top row, l-r: Sedrich Balaswit, Jeddriel Florendo, Mark Soriano, Amiel De Villa & Red Jr. Igne. Photo courtesy of Kelly Legaspi

Twelve martial arts athletes from the Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy (WSAA) brought home seven gold, four silver, and eight bronze medals from the World Karate Championships held in Ireland from October 8 to 13, 2022.

These 12 young athletes of WSAA trained hard to become members of the Canadian National Martial Arts Team/Team Canada 2022.

Congratulations to:

  • Lee Angela Igne, Womens 18+, Gold - Creative Weapons, Gold - Extreme Forms, and Bronze - Point Sparring
  • Lynlyn Igne, Girls 15-17, Gold - Open/Musical Weapons and Silver - Extreme Forms
  • Red Jr. Igne, Boys 13-14, Bronze - Point Sparring
  • Amiel De Villa, Boys 13-14, Gold - Point Sparring, Silver - Extreme Forms, and Bronze - Open/Musical Weapons
  • Jayzelle Policarpio, Girls 11-12, Silver - Creative Weapons and Bronze - Team Sparring
  • Mark Soriano, Boys 15-17, Bronze - Point Sparring
  • Mia Dalandan, Girls 13-14, Gold - Team Sparring
  • Liane Dalandan, Girls 11-12, Bronze - Creative Weapon and Bronze - Freestyle Forms
  • Kyle Dalandan, Boys 10-under, Gold - Point Sparring and Gold - Team Sparring

ª Jeddriel Florendo, Boys 13-14, Silver - Creative Weapons

  • Sedrich Balaswit, Boys 11-12, Bronze - Extreme Forms
  • Sheina Balaswit, Girls 10-under, Bronze - Point Sparring

Together with their families and coaches, they flew to Killarney, Ireland to compete and eventually returned to Winnipeg victoriously with world titles.