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Pioneer Pinays honoured
     Linda Cantiveros Linda Ramos
Linda Cantiveros
Photo by Filipino Journal
Linda Ramos

WINNIPEG – As the Filipino community grows in Manitoba, so does the number of Filipino women who continue to make their positive impact on diverse fields in our society.

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, Pinays MB will host a Recognition Luncheon in appreciation of outstanding Filipino women or Pinays who have made noteworthy contributions to the progress of the Filipino community in Manitoba since the first Filipino immigrants arrived in the province in 1959.

This year, Pinays MB honours three pioneer Filipino women, they are:

• The late Mrs. Rosalinda Natividad Cantiveros – a respected community leader who initially made her mark in the field of journalism. In the early 1980s, she was the editor of Silangan, the first Filipino community newspaper in Winnipeg. In the same decade, Mrs. Cantiveros and her husband, Mr. Rod Cantiveros, began publishing the long-running Filipino Journal that she also edited until her passing in 2008.

• Mrs. Erlinda Magnaye Ramos – an entrepreneur who established Manitoba’s first Filipino-owned cake-baking business in 1971 when she was still a very young wife and mother with small children. To this day, special occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are celebrated with cakes from her popular and successful Gelyn’s Wedding Lounge.

• Garment Workers Batch 1968 – a group of young and courageous Filipino women who left the Philippines in the mid-1960s to seek a better future overseas. They arrived in 1968 as the first government-sponsored group of foreign-trained garment workers. Eventually they made Manitoba their home and started their own families in the prairies.

Organized in January 2016, Pinays MB aspires to be a vital group that can help empower Filipino women in the community by identifying their needs, and celebrating their strengths.

Founding chairperson Perla Javate said, “Pinays MB Inc. aims to be a valuable resource for Filipino women of all ages to become resilient, confident and strong … we will continue to be the light not only to our homes but also to our community.”

The Recognition Luncheon will also serve as Pinays MB’s celebration of International Women’s Day. They will also welcome new members.

The 2017 Officers of Pinays MB Inc. are: Chairperson, Roselyn Advincula; Vice Chairperson, Connie De Villa; Secretary, Araceli Ancheta; Asst. Secretary, Mila Dacwag; Treasurer, Perla Javate; Asst. Treasurer, Irene Medina; PRO’s, Tes Aeillo and Emmie Joaquin.

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