The year of the Earth Ox (Jan 26, 2009-Feb 13, 2010)

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According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2009 is the Year of the Earth Ox. The serious, enduring and hard-working Ox is second on the hierarchy, following the rat.

The coming Chinese New Year is yin more than yang, it will be a year of lasting achievements and will be methodical and calm, hardworking, dependable and patient, materialistic and with an ambitious character. It will be more practical than idealistic. It is less likely to be disorganized.

People should be cautious and must not take unnecessary risk to gain quick-money. To get better results, one should be prudent, not reckless. Take time before making any decision. Things will be done, just be patient.

As this is an Earth year, those people born in a Metal year would usually fare better than others while those born in a Water year are likely to do worse than those born in Fire, Wood and Earth years.

The Ox SignOx

The Ox, or the Buffalo sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Those born under the influence of the Ox are very pragmatic, down to earth and persevering. The typical Ox is a tolerant person with strong character. Loyalty is a part of their make-up, but if deceived they will not forget.

Not many people could equal the resolution and fearlessness the Ox exhibits when deciding to accomplish a task or an objective. Ox people are motivated to work hard and have no respect for lazy or careless people. Although they can be easily trusted and find it easy to put trust in others, they are not dependent on friends and family and would rather find an answer or a solution themselves than to ask these people for help or guidance. While they do not feel the need for many distant or acquaintance-oriented friendships, they value the strong bonds they share with their partners and families, and make close friends that last a lifetime.

Though they are quite open-minded, once Ox people have made a decision about something, they rarely change it. This is a defining characteristic that can be seen as stubbornness, but it is actually the way an Ox learns to be strong, brave and straightforward. Oxen are more comfortable with the well known as opposed to the unfamiliar. Yet, beneath their unpretentious, tranquil exterior lies a heart of gold and a motivation to prosper. Ox people know they will succeed through hard work and dislike concocting get-rich-quick schemes.

Ox years typically represent hard work. Think of the animal in its natural surroundings. It works alone or with another and stays true to its course. The Ox is conservative, focused, and serious.

The Ox’s home is his castle where he finds relaxation and peace from the everyday hustle and bustle of his career or responsibilities. He also enjoys spending much time in planting gardens and trees. He generally prefers to decorate his home comfortably with nature colours.

Able, ethical and aware, co-workers of the Ox can depend on their eyes for details. Because they are so well organized, they are better suited for specialized positions and prefer to work in large companies. They work best when they work alone since they can be unhappy when participating in a large group.

Ox Years

Ox years are second in sequence and recur every twelve years. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Ox year actually begins. You are an Ox if you were born in any of the following year:

Jan. 25,1925 – Feb 12, 1926 (Wood); Feb. 11, 1937 – Jan. 30, 1938 (Fire); Jan. 29, 1949 – Feb. 16, 1950 (Earth); Feb. 15, 1961 – Feb. 4, 1962 (Metal); Feb. 3, 1973 – Jan. 22, 1974 (Water); Feb. 20, 1985 – Feb 8, 1986 (Wood); Feb. 7, 1997 – Jan. 27, 1998 (Fire); Jan 26, 2009 – Feb 13, 2010 (Earth)

Famous Ox people:

George Clooney, Heather Locklear, Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Juliette Lewis, Margaret Thatcher, Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep, Princess Diana, George Foreman, Jessica Lange, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Lindsay Wagner, Maureen McGovern, Richard Gere, Twiggy, Bruce Springsteen, Sigourney Weaver, Bruce Jenner, Richard Dreyfuss, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Shaffer, Garry Shandling, Jeff Bridges, Maurice and Robin Gibb (Beegees), Susan Lucci, and Sissy Spacek.

East meets West

Aries Ox - Aries Oxen are focused and goal-oriented. They do not let opposition slow them down. In love they are not subtle and like to be the controlling partner in the relationship. Only a strong, trustworthy partner will make this a lasting partnership.

Taurus Ox - Solid, yet always willing to compromise, Taurus Oxen are probably the most stable and most laid-back of all the Oxen. Stubborn and persistent, they get what they want by persevering.

Gemini Ox - These Oxen are strong willed. They are outgoing and enjoy being with other people. They have great sense of humour and sociable; they use these traits to be successful in business.

Cancer Ox - Sensitivity and motivation, the Cancerian Oxen are very creative. Family is very important for their happiness and well-being.

Leo Ox - This combination produces people who need to be in control. They also take themselves seriously and throw themselves into any project they under take. They are happiest with an adoring partner who will love them completely.

Virgo Ox - These individuals are practical but they can lose sight of what’s important and can fuss over small details. Very honest and ethical, they are responsible and well respected.

Libra Ox - These Oxen are easy to get along with and they listen to what others have to say. They like to keep the peace and don’t like to rock the boat. They are always trying to achieve perfection personally and romantically.

Scorpio Ox - Determination and strength characterize the Scorpio Ox. These Oxen will strive and do whatever they must in order to reach their goal. They are intense lovers, but they have the ability to hide their emotions even from people they care about.

Sagittarius Ox - These Oxen are born with luck, but they are prone to take unnecessary risks. They are quick to read a situation and use their talents to accumulate great wealth and status.

Capricorn Ox - Capricornian Oxen are single-minded. They are focused which leads them to achieve a very comfortable way of life. They are conservative, responsible and workaholics.

Aquarius Ox - These Oxen value freethinking and are quite intelligent. They have contradicting characteristics that make them very unpredictable.

Piscean Ox - Sensitivity influences the toughness of the Ox to produce a delicate personality, with unlimited creativity and insight. Piscean Oxen are artistic and would rather work behind the scenes than be a visible member of the team.