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Filipino stores raided for

selling pirated DVDs

dvd pirates

(Top, l-r): Bulacan Fashion, Universe Communications and Bon-Bon were among the six stores in Montreal and Toronto that recently surrendered hundreds of pirated DVDs of ABS-CBN content (Bottom l-r): Samples of the pirated DVDs that the stores were illegally selling in Canada.

Six stores in Toronto and Montreal surrendered over a thousand pirated DVDs of Filipino entertainment content on March 7 and 8, 2017. The police raid was the latest action in the worldwide efforts of media giant ABS-CBN to crack down on illegal sales of its TV shows and movies. Included in the enforcement actions were Bulacan Fashion, Bon-Bon, Wayne’s Collectibles, and Universe Communication Ltd. in the Toronto area, another store in Dragon Centre in Scarborough, plus a store located at 6057 Victoria Avenue in Montreal.