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Write On! by Lucille NolascoSpeak up, speak out!

by Lucille Nolasco

Last year, allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace deluged the headlines like a tidal wave. Many of the accusations originally focused on Hollywood, with Harvey Wenstein, head of the star-making studio Miramax, at the centre of the storm.

Actress Ashley Judd spoke out against her unpleasant encounter with Harvey way back in 1997, but the world really listened only recently. Since then, may other women, and men, followed suit and courageously told their own horror stories.

But it’s not just in the entertainment world, many other high profile men in various industries – including business, tech, politics and media – have since faced claims of sexual harassment and rape.

But I don’t want to focus too much on these proven and yet-to-be-proven claims. Rather, I would like to emphasize the bravery of the men and women who fearlessly spoke up and spoke out.

Too many times if there are unjust happenings around us, many chose to keep silent and not be involved. From simple things to the most complex, some would rather look the other way and think “I don’t want to get involved,” “This is not my problem,” “The situation will resolve itself,” “I don’t really care about this,” “There’s nothing in it for me.”

But you know what? Everything in this world is interconnected. We cannot really say that something has nothing to do with us, or that someone is not really our concern. If we see someone being bullied or being mistreated, isn’t it better to help rather than turn our head the other way?

If there is something that can bring the relief of happiness to people, isn’t it better to speak up for it?

If someone is going overboard or being abusive, isn’t it better to speak out against it?

We can choose not to be silent. We can choose to consciously speak up for the good, and speak out against unkindness and thoughtlessness in this world.

2018 has just begun, it’s not too late to include this in our numerous resolutions. Don’t you think?

Lucille Nolasco is an announcer and creative writer at CKJS Radio 810 AM in Winnipeg. She hosts Afternoon Pasada, Monday through Friday, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. She is an ardent believer that “health is wealth” and she is a certified Zumba instructor. You can send your message or comments to Lucille at

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