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Open house at Living Waters Columbarium

by Monique Gauthier

Living Waters Columbarium welcomed visitors from around the province at its Open House celebration on April 23. Uniquely located within St. Gianna Beretta Molla Roman Catholic Church, the columbarium is fully integrated into the liturgical life of the church. Participants had the opportunity to visit the columbarium and experience its distinctive features. At the centre of the columbarium, daylight pours through the baptismal font above, where we, as Christians, are baptized into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is beneath these life-giving waters of baptism that the beloved dead are entombed, as they continue their pilgrimage in Eternity. Entombment and memorialization within the columbarium is within a living, praying community of faith, where the beloved dead are perpetually remembered in the prayers of the community.

The columbarium encompasses a variety of entombment and memorialization opportunities. With over 2,700 entombment niches, there truly is a place for everyone! Four magnificent family chapels within the columbarium offer families an opportunity to create a legacy for generations to come. The Memorial wall for the Unborn creates a special place of remembrance for infants lost through miscarriage, abortion and stillbirth. The memorial niche doors commemorate loved ones who are entombed or buried in other parts of the world, so that they too can be included in the prayers and celebrations of the faith community.

The columbarium serves members of the Catholic community and their families in their pre-need planning and at the time of death. Monthly payment plans and temporary leasing options offer flexibility for all circumstances. To learn more about Living Waters Columbarium, visit or call 204-488-3977.

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